Saudi Arabia is well known for pilgrims and tourism both. Tourism in Saudi Arabia is going higher day by day because of its development and infrastructure. The country is a blend of ancient and modern infrastructures and views and is rich in diverse landscapes from seas and deserts to bustling modern styled buildings to win the heart of visitors.

Undoubtedly, there are many places to visit in Saudi Arabia that you'll fall short of leaves. The extravagant malls, industrial visit in Al Jubail, skyscrapers and edge of the world in Riyadh, mountainous regions of Abha and mosques of the medina and Makkah everything about its cities is worthwhile and exciting. Let's talk about 8 places to visit in Saudi Arabia that you'll never regret


Edge of the world (Riyadh):

The edge of the world is located in Riyadh. It is also known as Jebel Fihrayn. It is Saudi's most popular tourist destination and visitor attraction because of its aesthetic view and deserted sightseeing. Edge of the world has almost 300 meter high cliffs made of mud and sharp stones.

The place seems like a desert with high cliffs and overall sand covering the area. From high above the cliffs, you'll spot dried rivers, streams weaving across the land and camels can be seen far below the cliffs. The place is attractive for hikers and car adventurers. Hikers can enjoy by choosing a range of routes to get to the top of cliffs with rugged terrain, steep climbs and sharp rocks. Therefore good sneakers are suggested to walk firmly.

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 Heet cave (Riyadh)

Heet cave is an entirely natural and beautiful lake with round-shaped stones spread all over. It's a cave-diving lovers' paradise and a tourist attraction too. The heet cave is shaped like a cave with a lake inside and round rocks everywhere. The cave is almost 30 meters deep inside and 150 meters long. The water level is quite high, and it's lukewarm.

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Floating mosque (Jeddah):

The beautiful and aesthetic view with tranquil vibes gets on their visit to this place. This place is quite popular in Saudi Arabia because the mosque is built on a water lake, and people go through boating. This activity can be exciting for adults and children both. The view inside the mosque is aesthetic because of the detailed infrastructure, including walls, ceilings and floors, to win the heart of the visitors.

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Dammam corniche (Dammam):

Dammam is the capital of the eastern province of Saudi Arabia. It's one of the best places to visit in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. The place offers a beautiful panoramic view of the sea and various ancient architectural buildings nearby. The Dammam corniche starts from aziziya beach to Tarot Island, and the journey is surrounded by lush green thick trees f dates and palms. The people mostly spend a few hours gazing at tremendous sunset scenery and picturesque view of the place. 

The half moon bay (Dammam):