Do you know what can excite you and some amazing things to do while staying in Jeddah city? Read this Places to visit in Jeddah Guide by to know all what you need.

As we all know, Jeddah is one of the most ancient cities globally. It has several historical places to visit with many exciting things to do while in your stay in Jeddah city. Jeddah is Saudi Arabian's port city, with a blend of the modern and commercial hub. You can see ancient picturesque views in the modern development.

From shopping in Jeddah to the city tour, you'll find some amazing things that make you wander around. There is a wide variety of exploring options before you when it comes to amazing yourself in Jeddah. These are some of the best things to do in Jeddah while you're staying, which will never disappoint your excitement level.

Desert safari in Jeddah:

We all know that a desert safari is one of the best things on your tour abroad. Desert safari is a favorite activity that no visitor or tourist can neglect. This activity is exciting for kids as well as for young adults too. You can either do a sand ski, dune bashing safari, VIP safari or camel ride. Everything becomes exciting once you go there. The desert powdered sand with palm and date trees makes a perfect picturesque view during your visit to desert safari Jeddah.

Jeddah's Escape Room:

The escape room is a type of mystery-solving located in Jeddah. The infrastructure is made to terrify and horrify customers who visit the house and find an escape from there. The escape room game is quite exciting for youngsters and young adults because it has plenty of activities.

This isn't an ordinary game but a much more intense one with thrilling actors inside the room. The horrific structure of the house and some incredible devil costumes are a significant part of the game. The game thoroughly entertains you and requires your courage to run faster than human costumed monsters and devils.

Fakieh Aquarium:

It's specifically made for children and young adults to enjoy the beautiful and different kinds of fish. Saudi Arabia's marine life exhibit, fakieh aquarium, will give you diverse aquatic dwellers, many of whom are native to the red sea. It looks like a long tunnel that visitors go through to watch the aesthetic marine life.  

The aquarium looks like an underwater tunnel and feels that you're underwater exploring marine life. Fakieh aquarium has almost 2000+ species, including seahorses, sharks, dolphins, small colourful fishes, seals, octopus, giant crabs, stingrays, sea turtles, and a sea dragon that will amaze you. It's an incredible scenic view of the red sea coast.

Mall of Arabia:

Mall of Arabia is the largest mall in Saudi Arabia and is located in Jeddah. It has millions of international brands of clothing and accessories, a cinema and a restaurant within the mall. If it comes to your shopping cravings, then Mall of Arabia is the best choice for you to go and spare your time shopping.

Mall of Arabia has the most secured and convenient parking for its customers as it has a proper parking setup with allotted car lots. This mall can be a great source of entertainment for you because it has a 3D cinema for you, and it has a perfect peaceful food court where you can eat from your favorite international brands.

Jeddah comedy club:

Jeddah comedy club is one of the best things that you can do. You can witness Arabic and other native comedians telling humorous yet entertaining funny jokes, which can excite your Jeddah visit. Their stand-up comedy is an art and humour incorporated. You'll cheer and can forget about your exhausting day and worries of life for an entire show because they will trap you in their comedy words.

Bicycle square:

Bicycle square is one of the most visited places in Jeddah. It's a roundabout having a bicycle structure on top of the hill. This roundabout is spacious and artistic, known for its enormous bicycle structure. Famous Arabic sculpture artists make this structure.

The bicycle roundabout in Jeddah dominates its surrounding by aestheticism and stands out as a city landmark. Whenever a visitor passing by can't get over this sculpture and appreciates the artist's artistic approach.

Cinepolis cinema:

Cinepolis cinema offers a 3D screen with comfortable seats and spacious leg-rooms in the theatre. This cinema is quite popular in Jeddah because of its offerings. The cinema has a giant screen with a standard yet comfortable seat for the customer to enjoy the movie in peace. This cinema in Jeddah offers action, thriller, horror and comedy English and Arabic movies for its customers. They offer movie subtitles in Arabic and English for their local and international clients.

Zamzam tonight:

Zam zam tonight is a famous tea shop and restaurant in Jeddah, and it serves both local and international clients. Have a staff who can understand different native languages to avoid language barriers. The tea house offers a variety of Arabic teas and food. The famous teas include rose tea, oolong tea, rosemary tea, fruit tea and green tea.

The food is quite popular in this restaurant. You'll never regret visiting the place because of its unique, lavish environment and 1500+ continental dishes to win your heart with their mouthwatering and delicious food servings.

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