• Historical Diriyah is famous for its historical buildings and heritage. Diriyah is a historical site that holds a large segment of Saudi Arabia's deep culture. The historical city was the first capital of Saudi Arabia. According to history, the historical city of Diriyah has been in existence since the time of Prophet Mohammed. However, it officially became an established city around 1445 CE. The city became deserted in 1818 after its dilapidation.
  • Diriyah is also commonly called the pearl of Saudi Arabia. It is also famous as the 'sand-blown Pompeii' because of its fortresses. The historical city is one of the biggest and most popular tourist centers in Saudi Arabia. It is located in the capital city of Riyadh.
  • The historical site of Diriyah has many different buildings and monuments for tourists. From ancient palaces to museums, tourists can never run out of places to see. Here are those places you should see when you visit Diriyah.
  • Wadi Hanifa

  • Wadi Hanifa is an amazing valley that cuts across Diriyah and two other cities. Since it is also located in Riyadh, it is just a few minutes away. Formerly a refuse disposal site, Wadi Hanifa has become the largest natural reserve in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
  • During winter, tourists can stroll or go sightseeing around the valley. As a picturesque valley, you may also want to take some pictures. You could also engage in outdoor camping in the valley. Since Wadi Hanifa is relatively cool during winter, tourists can camp without having to worry about getting burnt by the sun.
  • An added attraction is the wide variety of uncommon birds that always visit the valley.
  • Al-Turaif

  • Al-Turaif symbolizes the pioneer Saudi Arabia Dynasty. It is said to have been existing since as far back as 300 years ago. Located in the Northwestern area of Riyadh, this region allows tourists have more knowledge of the Nadji archeological facts. The antiques in the region depict the lifestyle of ancient Saudi Arabia.
  • By looking at the ancient buildings and monuments, tourists can imagine how the Saudi Arabians lived in ancient times.
  • Diriyah Museum

  • If you would like to take a deeper dive into the history of Saudi Arabia, you should absolutely go to the Diriyah museum. The museum gives a better view of the history and culture of Saudi Arabia. It contains several symbols that are significant to the history of the kingdom.
  • From antiques and presentations to models and other materials, the museum gives tourists access to the heritage of Saudi Arabia. All exhibitions at the museum are connected to deep history.
  • Al-Bujairi District

  • Covering about 60,000 sq. m., this district is another historical area. The district is located around Wadi Hanifa, around Riyadh. The most famous attraction in the Al-Bujairi district is the amazing buildings. The district has an infrastructure that is well structured. The amazing infrastructure never fails to wow tourists. 
  • Another amazing attraction in this district is the arrangement of palm trees. This line-up of palm trees adds to the beauty of this district. During winter when the weather is relatively cooler, tourists can camp around the district.
  • If you have plans of taking some antiques home as souvenirs, buying them couldn’t get easier. There are places where tourists can buy jewelry.
  • Furthermore, there are mosques that have been in existence for a long time. There are also regular activities that make the Al-Bujairi district more fun.
  • Saudi Daily Life Museum
  • This museum offers an interactive and interesting way of learning about Saudi culture and history. The Saudi daily life museum shows tourists the culture of the first settlers in Diriyah. The antiques in the museum let tourists have an understanding of how the Saudi people who were the first residents lived. The daily life museum depicts the lifestyle of the original Saudi Arabia inhabitants.
  • The old ruins highlight the history of Saudi Arabia. They also let tourists know more about the old royal families of the kingdom.
  • Imam Mohamed Ibn Saud Mosque 

  • Located at Al-Turaif, this gigantic complex is a huge part of the Diriyah heritage. The brilliant infrastructure has different segments which are meant for different purposes. There are several historical edifices that have been in existence for some centuries.
  • The mosque is a large building. It has different areas for male and female worshippers. While the female area can accommodate more than 650 women, the male area can accommodate up to 2,000 male worshippers.
  • Apart from the mosque, the complex also has a beautiful garden. This garden contains a plethora of plants from different parts of Saudi Arabia. The wide array of plants depicts the different plants that are native to each part of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. So, at a glance, the garden shows you all the different plants in the kingdom.
  • Furthermore, the complex has a plaza. The Imam stays in this plaza.
  • The Best Time To Visit Historical Diriyah
  • The best time to visit historical Diriyah is during winter- from September to March. During summer, the weather could be hot, making you feel very uncomfortable. The historical city of Diriyah hardly gets any rainfall all year round. This implies that going there during summer may be a mistake. 
  • However, visiting during winter does not guarantee a cool temperature at all times. It is advisable for you to make sure you have a regular water supply as you trek around. The hot sun at midday may make you feel parched more often.
  • Also, you should not wear too much clothing is you may feel uncomfortable when the weather becomes hotter.
  • Where To Stay In Diriyah
  • There are some reputable hotels and apartments where you can stay. Premium treatment, amazing food, and security are assured. Al Anoud Hotel is one of the most famous hotels in Riyadh. Their fees are affordable and they have top-notch facilities for lodgers. Ritz Carlton is another renowned hotel with high standard treatment and hospitality.
  • Since Riyadh is just about 30 minutes from the historical city of Diriyah, lodging there won't be a hassle. You could easily take a local cab to Diriyah to enjoy your sightseeing experience.

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