There is no gainsaying that Saudi Arabia is full of different tourist attractions. Different people from all parts of the world visit Saudi Arabia, whether for religious pilgrimage, business, or to enjoy its beautiful scenery. When it comes to different places that are worth visiting, the long list is enough to inundate you. However, there are some amazing places you just have to visit. From rich history to exquisite layout, these are the most incredible places for you to visit in Saudi Arabia.


Located at the edge of the famous Red Sea, Jeddah is an incredible place with several attractions. It is well-known for the lovely beaches that allow visitors to relax. The Jeddah Waterfront(Jeddah Corniche) is arguably the most visited part of Jeddah. The amazing waterfront offers top-notch hotels, awesome aquariums, beaches, restaurants, and gardens. Lots of tourists visit Jeddah majorly to enjoy the beautiful experience the Jeddah Waterfront gives. However, this does not imply that Jeddah Waterfront is the only amazing thing about Jeddah. Miss Marie Port, Ann Ann Wreck, and other attractions are in Jeddah.

Jeddah is a place rich in history and culture. Visitors can expect to learn one or more interesting things about Arabian history when they visit. Scuba diving, boat riding, and sightseeing are the common activities for you to enjoy in Jeddah.

Being an aquatic area, Jeddah is best visited during summer. However, it can be visited all year long- It is not too hot in winter and is tolerable in winter.

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The town of Umluj is commonly referred to as the Maldives of Saudi Arabia. The white-sand beaches, palm trees, beautiful birds, and turquoise water are breathtaking. If you are a type of person that admires nature, you will surely love the ‘Saudi Arabian Maldives'. Although, some parts are out of bounds as instructed by the government. The boat riding, sightseeing, hotels, and fresh fish are enough to make you ecstatic.

Another amazing thing about Umluj is that you can drink directly from the springs. So, if you get parched on your adventure, you can easily drink the safe water. 

The best time to visit Umluj is during summer.


Abha would be your perfect haven if you are sensitive to the climate of Saudi Arabia. In a desert area like Saudi Arabia, Abha is a cool haven. It has several attractions like Asir National Park, Jabal Thera, Al Souda mountain, and Habala hanging village. At a height of 3000 meters, the Al Souda mountain is the highest in the whole of Saudi Arabia. The mountain is surrounded by beautiful juniper trees.

Furthermore, the forest of the Asir National Park and the deep culture of Habala hanging village are wonderful experiences.

The best time to visit Abha is during summer, although visiting the Al Souda mountain during winter is better.


You should not visit Saudi Arabia without going to Alula. The ruins of Alula hold a deep history of the Arabians. Apart from the rocks that are a sight to behold, the ruins of former kingdoms in Alula will give you more knowledge of the culture of Saudi Arabia.

There are many tombs, most of which have been in existence for thousands of years. There is no gainsaying that these tombs have stories behind them.

Alula can be visited at any time of the year.



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