Are you planning to retreat to one of the most beautiful places in the world with your loved ones? yes, I have an idea. Let's look at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is known to be blessed by nature. One of the expressions of the wonders of nature in Saudi Arabia is that they are blessed with lots of stunning coastlines, flowing pristine blue waters, and shining sea sands, this makes Saudi Arabia very attractive to foreigners. Saudi Arabia is one of the top best 10 kingdoms known for the best tourist beach attractions like sea shores, blue-looking pristine waterways, and fine sea sands. 

Recently, Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is planning to shoot a big shout-out in Arabia by launching the Red sea project. The red sea project is a plan to launch Saudi Arabia as the best and the most beautiful Tourist Destination under the 2030 reform vision. And this will also attract a lot of improvements that will make it more attractive, and most importantly, make it the best tourist attraction for foreigners. Apart from the beautiful attractions in the tourist centers, one of the major reasons why foreigners prefer the tourist centers in Saudi Arabia is because there are sets of rules and regulations you need to abide by that your safety throughout your stay on the beach. In this article, we've highlighted some of the most beautiful beaches in Saudi Arabia and the rules that your safety.


These sets of rules and regulations are meant to be followed by everybody visiting the beach and they are meant to protect the visitors.

1. Beaches are public areas meant for relaxation, so if you are heading to one of the public beaches, you must wear a well-protective cloth, and ladies are meant to dress appropriately to avoid any form of abuse.

a. Ladies are meant to wear clothes or a swimsuit that covers the whole body.

b. Men are expected to wear clothes that cover their knee

2. You must be fully registered.

3. Underage visitors are meant to be fully guarded by their parents or guardian.

4. Smocking is not allowed  

5. You are expected to follow every laid down rule from the protocol officers.

Top 4 most beautiful beaches in Saudi Arabia

1. Farasan Al Kabir Beach

This is the most beautiful place You've ever dreamt of. Farasan Al Kabir Beach is located on Farasan Island. This beach is the best place for diving sports, swimming, Ferrari show and so on. The atmosphere and the gentle blowing breeze also it a conducive place for weekend treats, Parties, and, get-togethers. The blue crystal clear waters, and subtropicals make it the best destination for ex-pats and the best aquatic home for humans.

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2. Half Moon Bay beach

Half Moon Bay beach is a popular tourist attraction in Saudi Arabia. This Beach is named half Moon beach because is Lunar shaped. This lunar-shaped and shallow beach has been discovered for the past 80 years in Saudi Arabia. Half-moon Bay beach is highly preferable for peddling because it is very shallow and is surrounded by white sea sands. 

Half Moon Bay beach keeps you and your family fully entertained, you can request a kickback and keep your kids entertained in the playground while you relax or go for a sail and enjoy fishing.

3. Uqair Beach

Uqair Beach was original can be regarded as an Ancient beach, uqair Beach is one of the major ports in Saudi Arabia. But now, uqair beach had gone through a lot of advancement, it is now regarded as one of the top Beaches in the kingdom. Many foreigners and tourists enjoy taking a refreshing dip in the blue crystal water.

Uqair Beach is one of the main sources of attraction to the kingdom and is associated with some historic cultures which you may need to adhere to strictly.

4.Umluj Beach

Are you a nature lover? this is the best place for you. Umluj Beach is fully surrounded by nature which makes it a highly significant place in Saudi Arabia. The major lead in the Red sea project is the Umluj Beach, and this project is aimed at promoting the beach as the most attractive in the thousands of beaches in the kingdom. 

Umluj Beach is a special home for birds and lots of marine creatures. Umluj Beach is home to many springs, and that is why it is the most preferred choice for nature lovers and some terrestrial animals. Most birds always make their journey there during the cold. The beach has clear, blue, and turquoise water which makes it the best spot to watch millions of marine creatures in their beautiful aquatic habitats.


 The above beaches will never be satisfying without mentioning one of the biggest beaches in Saudi Arabia. As mentioned earlier, Saudi Arabia is known as the most famous luxurious region of the world with big and fascinating tourist centers. Indigo Beach is located along Thumamak Road, Ar-Rabi, Riyadh. This famous luxurious beach is majorly designed to move you to Bali and it has a huge beautiful four-bedroom bungalow. Indigo has cascading infinity pools, waterfalls, and a spa.