Though to all appearances, Saudi Arabia may not be a very festive residence due to its religious conception, the eminent and highly effulgent earthly territory brings together thousands of individuals from different regions of the world each season of the year.

Most of the Saudi Arabian Festivals are religious and numerous festivals considered by most other countries of the world are not celebrated and highly acclaimed. An example is the New Year Festival, it is not celebrated in any festive way.

However, if you’re looking to celebrate a festival in this magnificent kingdom, there are several fantastic festivals you would never have thought of that will leave you with a very terrific and unforgettable experience. 

In this article, we’ll be taking a glance at them. Below are highlighted Saudi Arabia celebrations that will give you the utmost excitement.



Riyadh, Saudi Arabia's capital city, has this animating spring festival for you. Each year, it enlivens with flashes of interesting outdoor activities. During this festal period, beyond Saudi Arabia, this middle East region appears like the Netherlands. Apart from numerous aggie showcases, there's also the stellar flower display. Get ready to be awesomely astonished by the sensational exhibition as capacious flowers in thrilling and mind-boggling sequences produce the perfect Instagram splash.



Jeddah summer festival is a month-long summer flight of fancy and has become one of the best Saudi Arabia festivals for foreigners. It was inaugurally held in 2000 to draw more people to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia's second-largest city after Al-Kharj, but in recent times, it has developed to include over 200 more fascinating events. Each of the audience will have something to enjoy from sports events to poetry recitations and lots more. Visitors are allowed to taste traditional Saudi dishes, buy local handicrafts, or faze the launching firework display over the city's colorful corniche. The 2019 edition of this exceptional festival was indeed a bell-ringer with the presence of the resident audience and highlighted presentations from Liam Payne and 50 cents. With the Jeddah summer festival, you are surely going to experience the traditional and modern culture's beautiful enthrallment.



With France, Germany, and Indonesia being privileged to be guests of honor in this majestic Saudi Arabia festival in previous years, you might probably see your own country at this point. This awesome festival celebrates the kingdom's heritage and local culture. It gives a glance into every aspect of Arabian life and elapses after two weeks. Everyone at the event can relish the horses and camel races and likewise relish savory local foods and drinks. Saudi Arabia's most talented poets get to receive their latest compositions and there's also a folk dancing display and crafts market. This festival is also called 'Al-Janadriyah' and is held in Janadriyah which is located 30 miles away from Riyadh.



Another renowned festival of the Saudi Arabians is the unification of the kingdom day. It is the most important cultural event in Saudi Arabia as it marks the unification of the Saudi kingdom which occurred in 1932. It takes place on the 23rd. of every September, it is the only holiday established by the Western calendar and the only non-religious public holiday. Many indigenes stay at home to celebrate this historical day while others especially young individuals roam the streets with the Saudi flags to express their patriotism. Different events are also organized throughout the kingdom to showcase and promote National Pride.



The Milad al-Nabi is the birthday of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad, and all Saudi Muslims celebrate this notable day. The date of the celebration usually differs from year to year according to the Islamic calendar and residential homes and mosques are usually elegantly decorated. Older Saudis tell stories about the prophet’s life and achievements while younger ones recite poems about him. Other traditional activities of this festival include street processions and vast feasts.



Another delightful festival of the Saudi Arabia Territory is Eid Al-Fitr. It takes place at the end of Ramadan and it is one of the biggest Saudi Arabia Muslim celebrations. The fasting month usually comes to an end with the three-day Eid Al-Fitr festival. The celebration begins with simple morning reflection and prayers at the city's mosques. Thereafter, locals host bigger feasts and merriment with family and friends, thus making the merrymaking step up a gear. On this memorable day, Jeddah and Riyadh host impressive fireworks that can be attended by any public personality.