Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia is one of the fast-growing tourist attractions in the region. Most foreigners worldwide are always fascinated to be there because of the good-looking luxurious environment. Riyadh is blessed with numerous quality tourist attractions like luxurious hostels, beaches, restaurants, and so on. And in this article, we will be looking at the best restaurant in Riyadh to try at least once.

Riyadh is popularly called the fancy capital city, the capital is blessed with a lot of luxurious suits like five-star restaurants and hotels, which makes it very attractive to foreigners. The majority of visitors are always thrilled about the good-looking restaurants. Currently, in Riyadh, there isn't much space for bars or nightclubs due to the current prohibition of alcohol in Saudi Arabia. Majorly, life in Muslim countries is centered on family get-togethers or family gatherings rather than going on a date or going to nightclubs or parties. As a result of that, there is a large percentage of good-looking and vibrant restaurants in Riyadh, the fancy capital city.

Here are a few highlighted best restaurants in Riyadh that are worth visiting, and you will never want to miss them.


1. Al Orjouan Restaurant

Oh, you will never want to miss this. Al Orjouan Restaurant is one of the finest restaurants in the capital with the largest landmark. The restaurant is regarded as the finest of all in Riyadh. Those wishing to chow down on a magnificent variety of Middle Eastern and foreign dishes have proven to be extremely popular with its opulent Friday buffet breakfast. Al Orjouan has become something of a Riyadh institution, and it's hardly surprising given the staggering 20 food outlets it offers and the kids club it houses.

LOCATION: The Ritz-Carlton, Mekkah Road, Al Hada Area, Riyadh


2. Yokari Restaurant

You will never want to miss the taste of a well-cooked gourmet-style Japanese cuisine because Yokari Restaurant they are the best. Here in Yokari restaurant,  won't find any omakase-style meals, though; this high-end business avoids the traditional stereotypes. In reality, the culinary staff receives virtually little interaction. Rather, guests are encouraged to ask their server to explain the meals, which are all beautifully presented and expertly made. This is undoubtedly a location for dedicated foodies who like a more intimate eating experience, with its minimalist atmosphere and modest tables situated near encourage easy interaction.

Location: 2/F, Centria Mall, 210 Olaya Street, Riyadh


3. The Globe Restaurant

Have you been searching for a fancy dining experience? Here is a solution, a ticket to the Globe restaurant will take you there. These elaborate fancy restaurants offer dishes like the modern European dish, and Arabic dishes with a French emphasis. If you are a lover of Traditional high tea, then you should not miss the eye-flavored traditional high tea served by 4 pm every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The globe restaurant has a total height of 240 meters which makes its guests have a view of Riyadh at large.

LOCATION: King Fahd Branch Road, Al Olaya, Al Faisaliah Tower, The Geodesic Orb, Riyadh



This beautiful acclaimed Riyadh restaurant takes its name from the Armenian word for moon,' and explores the culture's distinct flavors. The venue maintains a warm and intimate feel despite its prestigious status. The soft golden lighting and cozy natural interior, which includes stone slabs inscribed with Armenian poetry, play a big role in this. Mezze, soups, salads, and grilled meats are available on the menu, both hot and cold. The duduk, a traditional Armenian woodwind instrument, provides a musical backdrop to all of this. You will never want to miss this super exciting experience.

LOCATION: 2/F, Centria Mall, 210 Olaya Street, Riyadh


5. Hualan

Hualan, which is also located in the Centria Mall, serves a modern take on Chinese food. To create unique meals, this high-end restaurant mixes classic Asian cooking techniques with novel flavor and texture combinations. On the menu, you'll discover fried prawns in pumpkin sauce and jasmine tea-smoked beef ribs. It also serves a variety of custom Jing teas and fruit smoothies made with unusual Asian ingredients. The restaurant offers a patio that overlooks Riyadh's futuristic cityscape, as well as a sleek all-natural geometric décor. During the cooler winter months, it's the ideal setting for al fresco dining.

LOCATION: 2/F, Centria Mall, 210 Olaya Street, Riyadh


6. Elements 

This five-star restaurant distinguishes itself for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is its 'interactive' dining experience. While customers are allowed to choose from the extensive menu, which includes food from all over the world, the chefs entertain them by preparing meals at the open-live kitchen's cooking stations. 

Elements, a member of the Four Seasons hotel group, offers breakfast, lunch, and a la carte menus in the style of a world-class hotel. The restaurant comes up with its promise of becoming a cosmopolitan and vibrant destination among Riyadh's culinary offerings under the watchful eye of Chef Ahmad Sleiman. You can also check out their special dinner menus from 7 p.m. to midnight on the following evenings: Sunday (Asian night), Monday (seafood night), and Tuesday (Middle Eastern night). See you there, don't miss it.

LOCATION: Kingdom Center, Al Urubah Road, Riyadh

7. The Najd Village

The Najd Village is one of the most popular eateries in town. The word Najd refers not only to Riyadh's ancient name but also to the people and cuisine of a bygone era. Since 1996, the Najd Village has combined Saudi history with modernity to produce the best traditional dinners in town, served in a museum-like setting. Both vegetarians and meat-eaters will like the cuisine, which includes two legendary specialties: moral al, a delicate, spicy lamb dish, and matazzez, or Saudi dumplings. The restaurant may seat up to 1000 people, who will be seated on cushions as is customary.


Restaurants in Riyadh are beautiful places, and you will never want to miss the exciting moment of visiting some of the most exciting places in the world.

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