Saudi Arabia is an abode of different geographical diversities. It is a dwelling to numerous kinds of tourist attractions including dunes, magnificent mountains, historical bodies, and other amusement centers. 

All these amazing make-up of the imperial country indeed makes it a traveler's delight and your kid's visit won't be an exception. They’re surely going to have an exciting vacation experience.


1. Pay a visit to the Animals at Riyadh Zoo 

The Riyadh Zoo is Saudi Arabia's foremost existing zoo. It consists of over 1,500 animals from 40 different species. It is an easily reachable travel region, thus bringing your kids there would be a lot of fun. The zoo opens from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Sundays, from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM on Mondays until Thursdays, and from 12:45 PM to 6:00 PM on Fridays.

Your kids would get to see and learn about wild animals including birds, reptiles, mammals, and amphibians. They would get to encounter griffon vultures, hyenas, monkeys, elephants, tapirs, panthers, rhinoceros, camels, and many more animals. Restaurants and Coffee shops where your kids can enjoy Saudi Arabia delicacies are also present in the vicinity. 

2. Go see the Masmak Fortress

Historical places are very appealing and enthralling and children have an enthusiastic liking for them. Masmak Fortress is one you should never miss visiting on your Saudi Arabia trip. It is a sandcastle-like building situated in the historic crux of Riyadh. It dates back to 1865 and plays a notable role in the country’s history.

In recent times, it is home to a museum in which Arabic and English exhibitions tell about its past. It is accessible to all visitors but you should go check first before your visit as visiting families are only permitted at specific times during the week.



3. Visit the Kingdom Center

The Saudi Arabia Kingdom Center is an awesome place for the whole family to visit. It is a 99-story edifice that appears over Riyadh with luxury apartments and hotels and the Al-mamlaka mall has numerous restaurants and shops. 

It has an animating Sky Bridge that can be found 300 meters up in the air and extends 65 meters between the two sides of the tower. At night, this bridge gives stunning views over the capital city exceptionally. The Sky Bridge is said to be not for those who suffer from Vertigo or the faint-hearted ones. Your kids are going to experience a fantastic occurrence.


4. Go to Fakieh Aquarium

Saudi Arabia has an incredibly rich and chromatic underwater ecosystem, with about 1,800km of the Red Sea coastline. If diving is considered dangerous for your kids, you can take them to Fakieh Aquarium which is situated along Jeddah's corniche. 

From beneath the wave, people can get physically close to different kinds of creatures from sea horses to sharks and other aquatic entities. Your family will also feel like inspirited explorers with the well-known captivating Dolphin Show.

5. Feed little cows at the Alsafi Dairy Farm

Feeding animals gives us much joy as individuals either old or young. Thus, taking your kids to feed little cows at the Alsafi Dairy Farm is something they would greatly enjoy. 

Alsafi Dairy Farm is a Guinness World Record Holder as the World's largest integrated dairy farm. It consists of about 50,000 Holstein cows put in separate places according to their age and gender.    All vehicles entering the farm go through a series of disinfection before they are allowed inside. A tour guide will take you around the diary farm after you’ve been allowed in. During the journey through the four walls of the magnificent facility, the tour guide will narrate a brief historical story of the farm and other maintenances they engage in to give utmost and adequate protection to the cows.

The children will get to see the machine-operated workroom and get to discover how much pampering the female cow needs so that it can produce the best milk quality.

6. Engage in Quad Biking at Red Sand Dunes

Why don’t you consider quad biking at the Red Sand Dunes with your kids during your visit to the land of the two holy mosques? It's going to be an awesome experience!

The Quad Biking is just a short drive out of Riyadh and vendors are available by the side of the highway renting out quad bikes of all sizes and shapes.

After you’ve rented your bikes, you are free to ride into the dunes. Less big bikes and guides are usually available for children. Bike renting is generally cheaper the further you proceed from the city and weekdays are usually more serene for biking.

7. Take a tranquilizing excursion at the King's Forest

Another best thing you can do with your kids in Saudi Arabia is to take them on a tranquilizing excursion at the King’s Forest. This Forest is also referred to as Rawdat Khuraim. It is a green cover lying in the middle of the desert. Having been tired of the city’s uproar and busyness, 

it is a suitable place for a family weekend adventure. In this beautiful forest, your kids will get to see the great biodiversity of wildlife, a harborage of birds, and a myriad of insects. You'll all have a refreshing experience going on an excursion in the King's Forest.

8. Accomplish a Mission Tour at Novus

Novus is a sister brand of Breakout in Malaysia. It is located in the Jeddah region. It is a puzzling mystery-filled game that has been tried by over 200,000 individuals. A team is made up of 2 to 8 people, thus your entire family can be considered a team and take part in the game together. You’ll have to choose a theme room and your weapons to be used to in accomplishing the mission. The utmost aim of the game is to unlock the room by searching out clues and giving answers to the puzzle inside. Once you get locked in the room, the clock begins to tick. You and your kids will get excited about the mission tour!

In conclusion, the above are the best 8 things to do for your kids in Saudi Arabia. So, take a fresh breath and enjoy the vacation adventure.

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