Riyadh is one of the most developed yet oldest historical cities globally. It is the cultural hub with the oldest fortress and modern night skyscraper  standing together. The real beauty of the city is a beautiful blend of old-modern lifestyles and sightseeing for visitors.

Riyadh has an area of 1800 of around sq. km. But it's full of exciting and unique tourist attractions with adventurous activities such as sightseeing, Riyadh city tour, desert safari, and historical homes, high above famous skywalk, famous and oldest Mosques, museums and much more. The top 8 places that you can visit in Riyadh city are:

  1. Dira souq:

Dira Souq is one of the oldest yet most traditional market places for shopping. No matter how much you go to malls for shopping, nothing excites you more than visiting Dira Souq. This marketplace has traditional and cultural things for purchase, such as local Arabic outfits, hand-made crafts and carpets, jewellery, hand-done embroidery, shoes and unique artefacts.

In dira Souq, you can even bargain to pay with sellers. The shops are small, settled side-by-side, creating a lane of shops for various things to purchase. The market view makes a perfect traditional look for foreigners to come and rejoice in their shopping experience In Dira Souq.

  1. Riyadh zoo:

Riyadh Zoo is the largest zoo in Saudi Arabia, and it was established in 1987. It is also known as the Malaz Zoo. It's a high visitor attraction and has nearly 169 types of species living with a variety of 20,000 different flowers and trees for people to cherish the moment with children and family.

Riadh zoo is one of the largest zoos that offer a glimpse of endangered wildlife such as the buster bird, Arabian dessert leopard, and Arabian Oryx. It is a fantastic landscape and structure set with an ideal terrain walk. The zoo also has 5D cinema, Romanian theatre, amusing mini trains and conversation centres.

  1. Edge of the world:

The edge of the world is located in Riyadh. It is also known as Jebel Fihrayn. It is Saudi's most popular tourist destination and visitor attraction because of its aesthetic view and deserted sightseeing. Edge of the world has almost 300 meter high cliffs made of mud and sharp stones.

The place seems like a desert with high cliffs and overall sand covering the area. From high above the cliffs, you'll spot dried rivers, streams weaving across the land and camels can be seen far below the cliffs. The place is attractive for hikers and car adventurers. Hikers can enjoy by choosing a range of routes to get to the top of cliffs with rugged terrain, steep climbs and sharp rocks. Therefore good sneakers are suggested to walk firmly.

  1. Heet cave:

Heet cave is an entirely natural and beautiful lake with round-shaped stones spread all over. It's a cave-diving lovers' paradise and a tourist attraction too. The heet cave is shaped like a cave with a lake inside and round rocks everywhere. The cave is almost 30 meters deep inside and 150 meters long. The water level is quite high, and it's lukewarm.

  1. Al Murabba Palace:

Murabba palace should be on top of your bucket list to visit. This ancient palace is the home and a court of King Abdul Aziz. This historical centre gives of royalty and promotes Saudi's cultural heritage, and is a monument to the city's fascinating past.

Al Murabba palace is built in an ancient royal Najdean style with vast palm front layers, ceilings and walls and rooms are made around a breezy central courtyard. The centre hall of the palace is surrounded by several rooms that give a complete royal look to the palace. Visiting the palace can be exciting for you to see such a picturesque view of the history.

  1. Al Masmak fortress:

Al Masmak fortress is located in the centre of the city representing the history of Saudi Arabia. Al masmak fortress is also one of the oldest forts in the world. It's a vast clay and mud-brick citadel that has witnessed the birth of the Saudi kingdom for centuries.

The fort showcases several historical dates and events on the museum wall inside. The walls are filled with dates and Arabic verses and showcase the world's oldest swords of kings and horse riders. The fort has a complete picturesque view of history and can be exciting for a visitor to see their royalty.

  1. The national museum: