Al-A'an Palace

Al-A'an Palace

Najran Najran

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Al-A'an Palace is one of the ancient archaeological palaces, also known as the Saa'dan Palace, located on the historical Mount Al-A'an and built around 1100 Hijri. It also used the ancient system and equipment used in construction for a long time, which was clay, and it was erected on stone foundations.

When you visit the Al-A'an Palace, you will notice that it was built in an ancient architectural style that was popular at the time in the Najran region of Saudi Arabia's south, and it was also built in a village called Thee Ain, so it was named after the village.

Also, the palace is surrounded by a wall made of clay, which was built with a height of 7 meters and is located west of the city of Najran, and it overlooks the famous Najran Valley from the north. The palace was built to consist of 4 floors, and it is amazing that this ancient archaeological area from time immemorial is still inhabited now, and it has all the services that you need. The palace is also surrounded by four towers and has a main gate built based on Iraq's old course-architecture regime.

Design and construction of Al- A'an Palace

The palace was built in the old style with Clay and hay, as this is the method used in the old Najran for construction, and it consists of 4 floors built according to the old Najran system and style, each floor includes a number of rooms, the palace has four towers, and one main gate, and the height of the walls is about 7 meters  

There are also 4 observation towers in the palace so that they can monitor the enemies and invaders to protect the castle and the city before their arrival, and it also contains a large number of rooms to live in, receive guests and visitors, and also for storage.

You can find the valley of Najran from the eastern side of the palace and it is met from the South by the famous Raum Castle and Abu Hamdan Mountain, and there are a number of palm plantations and villages in front of the castle. The palace also has a basement with a staircase entrance to the West, and it was designed to be in a large and spacious area located next to the outer wall. 

Developments of Al- A'an Palace

The palace has been subjected to many successive developments by its owners since its construction and until the present time, as it has underwent many developments during the reign of Sheikh Ali bin Hussein al-Makrami to be the first stage of developments, which have included the restoration and repair of the palace completely, and that was in 1408 Hijri 

After demolishing some elements of the palace for repair, the second phase of the palace's restoration and rebuilding work began, and the restoration of the palace's fence was completed during the reigns of Sheikh Hussein bin Ismail al-Makrami and Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Makrami.

After that, the third stage, which was completed in 1440 Hijri, came to restore the palace and its annexes, and special compartments were added to it in 1423 Hijri 

When you visit Najran, you will find it one of the most important ancient and historical cities, which will amaze you with its many monuments as the entire city contains treasures of ancient antiquities among its folds throughout the region 

It contains a number of historical and ancient palaces and castles, as they are considered one of the most important monuments of Najran, and so many tourists seek to visit this ancient archaeological city.