Al Bujairi neighborhood

Al Bujairi neighborhood

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Despite the passage of numerous historical ages and times in the Al-Bujairi neighborhood, it still keeps its relationship and history to this day, its ancient soil from Diriyah and its stones from Wadi Hanifa. It is one of the major neighborhoods that has attracted travelers throughout the years and continues to do so today.

When you visit the Al-Bujairi neighborhood, you will be surprised by its uniqueness, as it has been able to combine the historical and archaeological antiquity of the ancient with modern contemporary, all through one place, which is the Al-Bujairi neighborhood, and you can see it by passing through the various corridors of the neighborhood, you can see the heavy urbanization, restoration and development works to preserve the history and ancient heritage, in addition to the unique contemporary design 

To help illuminate the cultural aspect of the neighborhood, there is the Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab Foundation, which is a scientific authority that aims to present the heritage that combines science and history, and serves all researchers, as Al-Bujairi neighborhood also contains a large number of booklets and mosques, and there are still houses that were created using milk clay until now.

As for the corridors of the neighborhood that exist now, they are new, and they were built and established in our modern time using international scientific standards, mastery, and extreme craftsmanship in the restoration of clay structures, and this is part of the launch of an initiative to protect the national architectural heritage

When you visit the Al-Bujairi neighborhood, you find that it is a very special neighborhood, as it was able to combine the future, the present, and the past, and this through the induced corridors to comply with the design of the ancient neighborhood, the houses and shops have also been designed in perfect harmony, and the sidewalk inside the corridors has been paved with natural stone, and last but not least, there is a distinctive set of lights on both sides to give the neighborhood a wonderfully warm atmosphere

Location of Al-Bujairi neighborhood  

Al-Bujairi neighborhood is located in Diriyah, a historic archaeological city north of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in the eastern part of Wadi Hanifa, near to Al-Turaif neighborhood. The most essential feature that defines Al-Bujairi neighborhood is its cultural significance as one of the ancient historical and archaeological neighborhoods, in addition to its unique and lovely position.

The most important thing about Al-Bujairi neighborhood and what made it one of the historical neighborhoods was that Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab and his family used to live there. Al-Bujairi neighborhood has been subjected to many developments over the past years to modernize it from all different aspects of life in order to prepare it as an important cultural and historical center, restore its status, and become an important gateway to Al-Turaif neighbourhood.

The goal of the Al-Bujairi neighborhood's development and modernization work was also to construct service facilities that assist visitors and tourists that come to the area and region by providing a variety of activities such as cultural and entertainment services.

There are also various functional institutions in the neighborhood to work on cultural and historical management, one of the most famous institutions in Al-Bujairi is the Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab Foundation, and there is also the Sheikh mosque next to it, a large central square, which contains a large number of shops, where you can find all the different activities that the visitor is looking for during his trip to Al-Bujairi, and there is also the famous Diriyah Park and Al-Zawihra Mosque. 

Where the Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab Foundation is one of the most important and famous cultural institutions and is located in the AL-Bujairi neighborhood, where the institution was designed to be simple and smooth and to have a comfortable view of from the windows inside it.