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Al Habala

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Al-Habala is named after Al-Habala village near the park located in Al Wadeen area centre; in which people used ropes as a means of mobility and transportation of supplies and goods because of the difficult terrain of the area

It is now one of the most important regions and model countries since it has all integrated services that allow it to serve the region and the population in an integrated manner.

In addition to containing a distinctive means of Transportation, which is by cables, which tourists visit especially in order to enjoy riding it as a means of Transportation. The inhabitants of the Al-Habala area used to live separately from the villages and neighbouring areas, and this is due to the difficulty of its terrain and environment

The only way they could go around was to scale the rocky cliff, which was steep, using rope ladders, while also delivering the village's supplies from the park's surrounding areas.

 Residents of the Habala region

When King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz learned of the suffering of the residents of Al-Habala village, he quickly ordered the construction of a village for them to live in, which he named the King Faisal charity village. The village was established and built on a flat area, and the entire old village residents relocated to it.

Then the old village turned into a tourist place, which is visited by many tourists to enjoy the sport of rope riding and other various sports, as the tour company converted it into a park and a luxury tourist resort, and this through various tourist activities that were provided inside the resort, including the construction of newly built residential units as well as providing services and lots of different entertainment activities such as swimming and lots of different games

And when you visit the top, which directly overlooks the Old Village, you can visit a restaurant that has been established to provide varied and multiple meals for tourists and visitors to Al-Habala

The Old Farms have been converted into areas dedicated to meeting guests to the town, as well as tourists, for meals and drinks, in addition to providing a cable car, which is what characterises this region.

When you visit the village at the top and at the high altitude that it is, you will be impressed by the beauty of the city and the wonderful attractive view, especially at sunset and also sunrise, it will feel completely different and wonderful.

Al Hablar Park is one of the most recognized and appealing tourist destinations in Abha and the entire kingdom of Saudi Arabia, since it is distinguished by charm and beauty.


When you visit Al Habala Abha, you will find all the entertainment services around you, as you will spend a pleasant time there that you will not forget or even find elsewhere, you will be impressed by the beauty of the high-rise Heights and picturesque landscapes, as you will see waterfalls in addition to restaurants and cafes

There are cable cars and toboggans, and you may tent in Al-Habala village to enjoy the sunset and sunrise views, which will impress you with their stunning beauty and fantastic attraction.


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