Al Habala

Al Habala

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Location of the first cable car in Asir, is named after an old village located on a steep 400 metre cliff made famous by the people of Al Habala. The inhabitants lived in stone dwelling clinging to the cliff-face for the security and safety found in the rock walls. So sheer was the cliffside that the villagers -- men and women -- lowered themselves down into ravine on ropes. These rugged and fearless people came to be known as the Rope People of Al Habala Al-Habla is named after the village of Al-Habla near the park located in the center of the two valleys. In which the residents used ropes as a means of transportation and transporting supplies and goods due to the difficult terrain of the area, but now it has become a model town with integrated services that serve its residents. There is also a means of transportation by cables for tourists and visitors to the place, and its people lived in isolation from people due to the difficulty of communication, and the only means of communication with the markets and places near them was climbing the steep rocky cliff with ladders made of ropes, and they relied on it to get up and down, and to transport their needs.

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