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Saudi tourism is not confined to Saudi citizens. Many people travel to Saudi Arabia from all over the world to explore the tourist attractions in Riyadh, one of which is Al-Matal, also known as the "Edge of the World," where you will discover breathtaking vistas and experience a lot of thrill and suspense on your trip. 

There are many high mountain ranges on the tour where you will have fantastic and fun times meditating and appreciating the beauty of the desert and environment, as well as practising mountain climbing, especially if you are a mountain enthusiast.

The "Edge of the World" location in Riyadh is one of the most beautiful, natural, and uncommon tourist attractions not only in Saudi Arabia, but on a global scale, attracting visitors from all over the world.

When experts investigated this phenomenon, they discovered that the area was a seabed that covered the Arabian Peninsula and possibly the Levant more than 50 million years ago.

This area is also one of the distinctive and suitable areas for safari lovers, which the people of Riyadh Region call the edge of the world, it is only about an hour and a half away by car, and it was also called Al-Matal as a result of it consisting a rocky slope, which is at the end of the Tuwaiq mountain range. 

Furthermore, this rocky slope overlooks a huge valley, and when viewed from above, it appears to stretch indefinitely, with no end in sight, which is why it was named the "End of the World."

If you wish go, the best time is in the winter. Many tourism organizations plan visits to the Al-Matal area so that you can enjoy the panoramic view and excellent environment. However, keep in mind that the Al-Matal location is not ideal for children, and you should not bring kids with you.

When you visit this area, you will enjoy the wonderful sunshine and the incredible scenic view and find comfort and peace of mind.

The most important thing that distinguishes Al-Matal area, or as they call it, the edge of the world, is that it is one of the picturesque areas where you will feel like you are in the hands of mother nature, which is why it is visited by lovers of excitement, suspense, exceptional destinations, and adventure, as it is the first destination for Saudis and non-Saudis tourists within the city of Riyadh and the best times to visit it are winter and autumn seasons. 

It is a valley of rocky materials characterized by high altitude, as it is also one of the most important deep valleys found in Saudi Arabia, and when scientists studied this area, it was found that its history dates back to 50 million years ago; It is one of the ancient historical and heritage areas. 


Since the edge of the world region was in ancient times a large sea that flooded the Arabian Peninsula and even the Levant, when searching through it, you will find that there are signs in the rocks where the rivers used to run in ancient times, those signs show the form of paths that dried up as a result of changing weather factors, and when measured, they extend up to hundreds of kilometers. 

These rock-carved paths had a remarkable effect on the aesthetic appearance of the rocks and the vast plains. 

As soon as you look at the rocks, you will find them telling you the changes and periods that have passed through this area and the continuous shifts that happened over time. 


Al-Matal location 

The edge of the world area is located in a place called Al-Uyaynah at a distance of 180 kilometers northeast of the capital Riyadh, where it is an extension of the Tuwaiq mountain range, which was formed hundreds of millions of years ago and reaches up to 800 kilometers in its length. 

Activities that you can do in Al-Matal 

Meditate and watch the birds flying in the sky, especially during the daytime.

Enjoy seeing the stars of the Milky Way during the night period.

Appreciate the sunset view when the Gold color is reflected on the Rocky Mountains. 

Walk around the reefs.

Practice mountaineering and enjoy.