Al-Muftaha village

Al-Muftaha village

Abha Abha

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Al-Muftaha village is one of the most prominent and well-known tourist villages in the city and region of Abha, Saudi Arabia. The village was built in an architectural style inspired by the old Asir region and its ancient civilisation.

It was built in the form of contiguous buildings side by side, and all this extends over internal and external corridors, and the buildings were built in the old style, which the city of Abha was known for in the old days, such as small-sized openings, thick strong walls, and also extended rooftops were used in order to protect the mud walls from winter and rain, and also to provide shadows on the facades of buildings, which is in the old traditional way 

The village of Al-Muftaha also includes the Cultural Center of King Fahd, which has many monuments and is one of the Arab world's distinctive cultural monuments, and the old historical headquarters of Al-Muftaha village contains many antiques of Asirian civilization and culture.

It also contains a number of craft shops such as silver shops, honey shops, as well as shops selling antiques and ancient weapons, and we cannot overlook the Al-Muftaha theatre which contains 3,800 seats, so it is used annually and continuously in order to revive the celebrations of the region as well as various and diverse events.

When you visit the village of Al-Muftaha, you will be impressed by the beauty of traditional and historic clay houses that can be found next to the market, which houses all of the crafts businesses as well as the famed food known in the village of Al-Muftaha.

It is one of the heritage areas that you can visit and feel like you have gone back in time many many years, as it reflects the heritage of a region full of history and tales, and so, the market of Al-Muftaha is now one of the famous and well-known markets that has a great demand for visiting.

Many people want to visit the Asir region to see the "Tuesday" market, which is a beautiful popular market with a lot of handicrafts that reflect the culture of the region since ancient times. The ownership of the village was transferred to the Ministry of Culture in May 2019.

History of Al-Muftaha village

Since ancient times, Al-Muftaha village has been one of the communities with unique qualities, since it was a powerful model in the production of (figs-berries-apricots-peaches-grapes-many other fruit trees-corn-wheat ).

In addition to its distinctive location in ancient times, it was located in the centre of the city of Abha, and this was about 260 years ago, it was made up of solid and contiguous houses along internal and external corridors, and it was built to simulate the ancient civilization in houses containing small openings, and walls characterised by durability and wide thickness, taking into account the use of the so-called Waqf (extended rooftops), which was used in order to protect fragile clay walls from rain and also high sun temperatures. 

Development of Al-Muftaha village

After a period, Abha city did not remain in its ancient and traditional state, but it grew greatly in terms of architectural and other diverse elements, forcing the people of Al-Muftaha village to relocate from it.

As a result, the fields have been neglected, and the structures have deteriorated owing to their frailty, as they were constructed from simple materials such as clay, and the city has crawled on them from all sides, entirely changing their appearance.

Khalid Al Faisal Ben Abdulaziz have said: When I visited Al-Muftaha for the first time, I found the remains of old dwellings and some farms around them, and there was only one elderly man walking on a stick

But now it has become one of the most famous tourist villages, which is visited by many tourists from all over the world to enjoy the ancient civilization and the historical heritage


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