Al-Qarah Mountain (Jabal al-Qarah)

Al-Qarah Mountain (Jabal al-Qarah)

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Jabal Al-Qarah is also known as Al-Shabaan mountain, and it is located between the villages of Al Twaitheer and Al Qarah, both of which are located in Al-Ahsa governorate and are affiliated with it, in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia, where Jabal al-Qarah is one of the wonderful and natural tourist attractions in the Al-Ahsa region and has been registered in the World Heritage list since 2018.

Since the mountain is only about 15 kilometers away from the city of Hofuf. Al-Qarah Mountain is one of the very distinctive mountains with caves, as the people of Al-Ahsa call it, it contains a large number of caves inside it, and they are also called actual names, for example, there is a cave called Al-Nashab, which is characterized by its constant and moderate temperature throughout the year, and this is what makes it one of the very distinctive and unique mountains 

Naming the mountain Al-Qarah 

The mountain was named for the settlement where it is located, Al-Qarah, and it was also known as Jabal al-Shabaan (The well-hydrated mountain) due to its proximity to numerous palms and rivers.

The mountain of the continent is also characterized by the presence of several wide and high caves, which are very suitable for the summer, where it is colder and its temperature is lower than outside, and this is also a result of the saturation of the cave with palm trees

Also, historians suggest that the first people who lived in the town of Al-Qarah were an ignorant tribe (Jahiliyyah) that was distinguished by the art of archery and they called it Al-Qarah because of the ingenuity of its inhabitants in the art of throwing arrows.

It is also the opinion of Abdul Khaliq al-Janabi that the name of Al-Qarah is due to the fact that its South is attached to a huge hill, and its shape is different and Strange, in addition to the varying sizes of its caves, and there is a huge rock carved above it in a very strange way, which consists of 3 heads, one facing south, which is very similar to a woman's head, and another head facing north, which is similar to a man's head, and the middle Head is very similar to The Shape of a lion's head. 

From that time until now, it was called the mountain of the head of Al-Qarah, and this is what the Arab geographers meant.

This strange-shaped hill is called Al Mashqar, which is a natural Hill made by God Almighty and there is nothing for human intervention in its formation, and Al Mashqar Hill is mentioned in the fourth part of the lexicon called Mu'jam ma ista'jam for its writer Abu Obaid Al-Bakri, and then Ibn Al-Arabi mentioned that Al Mashqar is a great old city, in the middle of which it is a castle, on a village called Atallah, at the top of which is a well that punctures Al-Qarah, until it ends up on Earth, and goes on Earth.

Geographical location of Al-Qarah Mountain 

Mount al-Qarah is located in the oasis of Al-Ahsa city, between four villages: Al-Qarah village, Al Twaitheer village, Al Dalwah village, and Al Tuhaimiyah village.

Geology of Al-Qarah Mountain 

The area of the base of Al-Qarah Mountain reaches 14 square kilometers, where it is made of sedimentary rock with a reddish color, and it is also characterized by containing many caves, which are different in temperature but also accompanied by the flow of cold air currents, and this is from the inside of the cave to the outside 

The mountain is composed of limestone sandstone and siltstones, with the base consisting of a layer of Marl, topped by a layer of Breccia up to 17 meters thick, followed by a layer of sandstone limestone with a thickness of about 18 meters, followed by successive and different layers up to 75 meters thick of crumbly sandstone, whose color tends to light gray.

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