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Al Shafa centre is located in the west of Saudi Arabia, in the Taif governorate in the holy city of Mecca. Al-Shafa area is famous for its picturesque and beautiful nature, and it is also one of the most famous resorts and beautiful resorts in the Gulf that tourists go to from outside and inside the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to spend a pleasant time.

Location of Al Shafa Center

Al Shafa centre's borders reach in the north from the country of Quraysh and the Ardah valley up to the Tihama mountains, in the south to the country of Thamala and Awf, in the east to the country of Kinana, and in the west to the country of Hudhayl.

The main location of Al-Shafa centre is in Al-Fura' valley, which has a size of around 10,000 square kilometres and is located about 30 kilometres southwest of Taif on Sarat Al-Hijaz Mountains, which encircle Ghazwan peak, on which Taif is located.

The location of Al Shafa Center on the verge of mount Tihama has given it more beauty, wonderful scenic views, as well as great and pleasant weather as the centre is about 2240 metres above sea level, and the next highest summit next to it is Mount Daka, which connects Al-Shafa to Al-Maa'bad and Al-Taif road, and now, Al-Mohammedia road is being established to connect Al-Shafa to Mecca and Jeddah Cities.

Characteristics of Al Shafa Center

The most famous feature of the Al-Shafa centre is the abundance of high-rise mountains adjacent to it, gradually descending east and north while sliding sharply and sometimes vertically west and southwest towards the Tahama plains, one of which is the famous mount "Daka," which is about 28 kilometres from the Taif area, and Jabal Daka is Saudi Arabia's second tallest peak. There are also several valleys between the folds of these mountains that are highly productive, with many farms and trees producing the best agricultural products of fruits and vegetables.

The climate in Al Shafa Center

The climate in Al-Shafa centre is characterised by being a mild climate close to cold in the summer, as the highest temperature reaches only 31 degrees, while the average daily temperature is about 24 and the lowest temperature is 19, and in winter the weather is very cold, especially at night, so that the highest temperature is about 18 and the average is about 11 while the lowest temperature goes down to 4 degrees only, and there is often fog due to the centre's height above the sea level.

The most famous plants in Al Shafa Center

The distinctive yellow sunflower is one of the most famous plants in Al Shafa centre, and the centre is also famous for growing a lot of different unique plants, and this is due to the quality of its production and also its wonderful and distinctive taste, as the majority of the plants in Al Shafa are summer plants and this is due to the nature in the centre's high altitude area, and here is a list of some of the most famous summer crops and plants in it:

●    The Al-Shafawi (Al-Taif) Rose which is used to extract and make the finest perfumes in the world

●    Pomegranate

●    Cucumber

●    Grapes

●    Prickly pear

●    Almonds

●    Tomatoes

●    Olives

●    Berries

The most famous mountains of Al-Shafa

●     Daka mountain is one of the most famous mountains in Al-Shafa region, reaching a height of 2500 metres above sea level.

●     Saq Mountain

●     Aqbat Al-shafa Mountain

●     Qarnayt Mountain

The executive director of Tourism, Dr. Mohammed Qari al-Sayed, stated that as a result of the large number of Valleys located in the Shafa centre, its high fertility, the rain, and all the other elements that help in producing distinctive and high-quality products (Crops) such as pomegranates, grapes, prickly pear and figs, Al Shafa centre is famous in agriculture and farming, especially the production of Al-Taif roses, from which rose fat is extracted, producing the finest and most expensive perfumes in the world.

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