Al Turathi restaurant museum

Al Turathi restaurant museum

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The Al Turathi restaurant museum is the first of its kind in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is regarded as one of the most important emblems and markers of ancient and historical legacy. It is found in the city of Ha'il.

It is also one of the most famous restaurants because it is an ancient archaeological museum with an old historical restaurant hidden behind its walls, making it more than 100 years old.

Al Turathi restaurant museum location 

The Al Turathi restaurant museum is located on King Abdul Aziz Road in Ha'il city and is now one of the most important museums visited by many tourists from within and outside the kingdom to spend a pleasant time, as when tourists visit Ha'il city, Al Turathi restaurant museum is one of the first places they always visit. It is a lovely and amazing location with several historic and archaeological remains.

Establishment of Al Turathi restaurant museum

This museum was opened at the end of 1416, and at that time, several Saudi women who had excellent experience in preparing delicious and popular food, were hired to prepare the cuisine of the restaurant located in the museum, and it was also agreed with several workers to help provide service to customers and visiting tourists. 

This old restaurant was built of clay material and also designed using Ethel wood, which was more than 100 years ago, and the museum was created to consist of two floors and contain 35 rooms, as well as a High Council. There is an open roof, which is located at the top of the museum, and there are seats to enjoy sitting there at night to enjoy the fresh air and peace, in addition to the cleanliness and splendor of the place, where you can view the ancient city of Ḥa'il through this roof, and for this reason, this place is one of the most prominent tourist places in Saudi Arabia 

The collectibles of Al Turathi restaurant museum. 

This restaurant is not just any ordinary restaurant; it is an ancient heritage museum with antiquity and history that tells the story of ancient Ha'il, and when you visit it, you should do more than just eat; it is a unique museum with archaeological collections that will surprise you, and the museum's fences are built to carry inscriptions and designs that tell Hail's ancient history.

You can also see the beauty and splendor of the ancient archaeological collections of that time and era, where the collections are characterized by originality and antiquity such as (carpets - teapots - pottery household utensils-stuffed animals) 

When you visit the restaurant, you will enjoy the popular cuisine that Saudi Arabia is known for and that the restaurant introduces visitors to the museum. 

As you also eat your meal at the restaurant, you will find that pots, cutlery, and trays belong to the ancient heritage and caterers wear beautiful old heritage clothing so that you feel like you belong to this wonderful old age. 

As they strive to preserve the sanctity of the museum, they welcome tourists with Arabic coffee and Saudi tea. 

Ḥa'il is one of the ancient cities in northwest Saudi Arabia that possesses a lot of antiquities and this is a reason why tourism traffic is very active in Ḥa'il, because of its ancient treasures.

The Ḥa'il International Rally is also established with a large number of festivals and public markets. The city of Ḥa'il is also known for its wonderful atmosphere and excellent location. 

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