Bir Hima (Hima well)

Bir Hima (Hima well)

Najran Najran

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Hima's ancient historical well is one among the ancient structures in Najran. The beauty of the inscriptions found in this well will astound you when you see it.. Bir Hima is located in southwestern Saudi Arabia, 200 kilometers from Najran, where Bir Hima is one of the most important rock inscriptions found in Najran and Saudi Arabia.


The inscriptions contain some human drawings, as well as some animals drawings, and there are written inscriptions dating back to the ancient Badian fonts, which were called at that time by the name of Thamudism, Kufic calligraphy, and also the southern Musnad 

The area of the well also contains many ancient and antique monuments of many different eras, such as stone designs and the remains of tombs. When researching these inscriptions found in the well, scientists found that its history dates back to 7000 years BC and until the fifth century AD 

As these inscriptions and sculptures found by stone and rock engravers tell us important stories about the life of mankind and ancient man at that time, through these inscriptions we have learned that humans at that time had domesticated greyhounds and also hunted camels, goats, cows, sheep and cattle with a lot of different equipment and weapons such as double-headed arrows, bows, sticks and spears.

The well has been listed by UNESCO as one of the important World ancient heritage sites on July 24, 2021. It is considered one of the most important ancient historical rock treasures, as more than 6,400 different drawings were found engraved in the well for people and animals, and about 1,800 drawings of beauty and 1,300 engravings of different people were also found, all of them were registered. 

If you are looking for inspiration, you will find it in this unique and outstanding rock art, which helps mental clarity and creativity, as a lot of different great art drawings for several different animals were found. 

Inscriptions dating back to the sixth century AD for King Dhu Nawas Al-Himyarite were also discovered.

A number of fossils, such as camel skeletons, were discovered in the well, making it one of the world's famous sites that people from all over the world wish to come and view ancient history and various times that have been documented.

The writings of Bir Hima 

One of the beauties that you will find in Bir Hima is the unique rock drawings, as they are considered the first attempts of ancient man in the south of the Arabian Peninsula to write and express what he feels inside, and that was known in times dating back to 1000 BC as Ancient South Arabian script. 

As this area was in the old days one of the most commercially used areas with great activity in this field, and this is the reason that it was used as a road among merchants. As in the old days, the region extending from the site of Bir Hima was a well-known route for the passage of commercial convoys through it. 

This type of writing was known as Sabaean and Thamudican language, as these two types were used at that time, and merchants used them to write down about their trips, their interests, memories, and also their names, to find that this region testifies to many of the memories of humans in ancient times, and this is what distinguishes it. 

The area of the Hima wells is surrounded by a lot of mountains and caves from all sides, except the eastern side, it is interesting and strange that the Hima wells are still pumping fresh water suitable for drinking and human use. There are six different wells and their names are (Al -Humata- Sakaia - Al-Janah -Umm Nakhla - Al-Qara'an), it is amazing that all these wells still carry a lot of ancient historical and archaeological sculptures and inscriptions.