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Dira Souq, also called Deerah Souq and Deerah Souk, is a market in Riyadh. It is a kind of bazaar or street market that has become a famous spot for tourists to get different antiques. It is an old local market close to the Masmak Fortress. It is popular for the antique items sold there.

The market is regularly visited by tourists from all around the globe.

At Dira Souq, the majority of the traders speak and understand the English Language. This makes it easier for tourists to shop at the market. Shopping at Dira Souq is known to be particularly easy and fun because there are several places to get items and bargaining is very much welcome.



Dira Souq is a commercial center. The market was established with the aim of making antiques and foodstuffs available to the people nearby. The local market is a source of daily food for many residents of the area. The general price of food(street food) in the market is not exorbitant.

However, the main purpose of Dira Souq is the sale of antiques. The market is famous for the several antiques the traders have to sell to tourists. The antiques sold in the market serve as souvenirs to tourists from all around the world.



Dira Souq is a local market that covers the streets of Deerah. There are different sections in the market. The sections are categorized according to the type of item sold. Although it is a street market, the shops in each section are arranged in such a way that the same type of items is sold in the same area.

The most famous section of Dira Souq is the area where antiques are sold. Different items, from antique pieces of jewelry to carpets, are displayed and sold. There are several objects that point to the heritage of Saudi Arabia sold in this section. Saudi Arabian props are also always available for sale. The traders also play a major part in highlighting the historical significance of the items sold to tourists.

The section where clothes are sold is also a major constituent of Dira Souq. Different types of traditional Arabian clothes and dresses are sold in the section.

There is another section for silver, gold, copper, and brass objects. Several objects made out of these materials are sold in this section. Pieces of jewelry are also sold in this section.

Another famous section is where furniture is sold.



Thumairy Street, Deerah, Riyadh.


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