Dumah Al Jandal City

Dumah Al Jandal City


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Dumah Al Jandal is one of the most famous cities of the Al-Jowf region in Saudi Arabia, located in the south-west of the city of Sakaka, the capital, about 50 kilometers away from it, and Dumah Al-Jandal is one of the important areas in Saudi Arabia with multiple and diverse ancient archaeological tourist places, such as (Omar bin al-Khattab Mosque-Dumah Al-Jandal Lake - Marid castle) and it is also one of the well-known and rich cities with fresh water, as Dumah Al-Jandal Lake has an area of one million and 100 thousand square kilometers. 

The Origin of city's name 

Historians discovered that the name of the city, Dumah al-Jandal, has been mentioned since the Assyrian era, which is in the eighth century BC, as the name "Adumu" and also "Adumato," and geographers have stated that this name Dumah is derived from the name of Dumah Ibn Ismail ibn Ibrahim, peace be upon him.

It was attributed to Al-Jandal, as it was built from the jandal rock, and for this reason, they were related to each other, and the name of Dumah was mentioned in the Torah, in Ptolemy's geography as "Damatha", and in Pliny's geography as "Dumata". 

It was also named after Dumah in Jowf Al-Amro, which is related to the ancient inhabitants who lived there in the old days, as Bani Amro family who belongs to the Tayy tribe, which is known for generosity and altruism, so the Tayy tribe lived in the south of Arabia at the time and then moved to Dumah in the north. It is also called ( Jowf Al-Sarhan ) and (Wadi Al-Nafakh) 

The name of Jowf is also mentioned as evidence of the name of the area where Dumah is located in general, especially the name Dumah al-Jandal, as the name Dumah al-Jandal was mentioned in the poetry of the poet Al-Mutanabi under the name (Akdat of Al-Jowf), which means the land with many Palms, where at that time the city of Dumah al-Jandal was famous for its flourishing palm cultivation 

Borders and location of Dumah al-Jandal 

Dumah Al-Jandal Province is located south-west of Sakaka, Saudi Arabia, and was built on rocks dating back to the Arabian Shield. It is one of the most important geological sites in Saudi Arabia, as it is approximately 900 kilometers from the Saudi capital, Riyadh, and nearly 1220 kilometers from Mecca. It is one of Saudi Arabia's major archaeological cities, with a huge number of ancient historical monuments going back to BC. It is one of the areas that bear the antiquity and history of the city of Saudi Arabia, and a great number of tourists from within and outside Saudi Arabia come to witness its old and magnificent monuments.

The climate of the city of Dumah al-Jandal 

The climate of the city is famous for being deserted cold in winter and it is also dry and hot in summer as the average maximum temperature reached in the city is 42 degrees Celsius in summer and 8.5 degrees Celsius in Winter. 

Also, the hottest month in Al-Jowf city is July, unlike January in which the temperature drops and is considered the coldest month as sometimes the temperature reaches -7 degrees Celsius and the amount of rain reaches up to 200 millimeters. 

Population of Dumah Al-Jandal  

The population according to the latest statistics in 2010 reached about 50,000 people 


The relics of Dumah al-Jandal 

It dates back to the ancient Assyrian era, and there are also texts about the city dating back to BC