Dumah Al-Jandal Lake

Dumah Al-Jandal Lake


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Dumah al-Jandal Lake is one of the most major man-made lakes in Saudi Arabia. It was formed in an area called Dumah al-Jandal, which is why it was named after the city where it was established, since it is part of the Al-Jowf region in the north of Saudi Arabia.

It was formed as one of the types of water movement regulation, particularly after the occurrence of floods caused by excess agricultural water in the province's palm plantations.

For this reason, surface wells have been drilled to help lift excess water and pour it over the hill next to it, from which this lake originated, and Dumah al-Jandal Lake is one of the most famous and largest man-made and non-nature-forming lakes in terms of area in the Arabian Peninsula in general and of course inside Saudi Arabia in particular. It is one of the incredible lakes with a marvelous scenic view, which is visited by many tourists from inside and outside the kingdom to enjoy watching it. 

With a broad and very large size, this lake was formed and positioned on the banks of Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque. It is also located on the banks of the old and archaeological Castle of Marid, and as a result, it has become one of the most important man-made lakes in the Arabian Peninsula, with visitors flocking to view its beauty.

Also, we can't ignore the mountains that oversee the lake from the western side, and the most important feature of the lake is that it is located in the desert, which arose as a result of the flow of large amounts of water from the irrigation project that had started in 1987, as that contributed to its creation. It originated in a low area with high hills on all sides, the area of this man-made lake reached one million square meters, but it is irregular in dimensions. 

So the lake is made from underground water as well as excess agricultural water which pours directly into it. 

The lake has also undergone many developments and modifications in 2006, the streets surrounding the lake have been asphalted, it has been illuminated, and an iron fence has been installed parallel to the lake. Its design has been completely changed, the second largest fountain in Saudi Arabia has been created in it, and projects have been made to serve tourists such as the dock and the floating restaurant 

The lake is fed and filled by surplus water from the agricultural irrigation project, as it is one of the richest projects and lakes in the Arabian Peninsula and Saudi Arabia filled with usable fresh water, as the height of this lake reached 1928 feet above sea level, equivalent to 585 meters. 

The average water temperature is 18.7 degrees Celsius and the average acidity is 7.4 PH 

The lake is one of the best and very ideal places, suitable for the life of many marine creatures in its area of one million square meters. The lake's perimeter is 8000 kilometers with varying depths, in addition to the presence of a lot of aquatic and vegetal algae in it. 

It has also been made in the middle of irregular plateaus, where there are a lot of Taiga and Shura plants around. There is a large number of diverse and different birds that inhabit the lake and feed through it, as well as various types of migratory birds. 

It also has a water storage capacity of 11 million cubic meters of water reserves per year.