Jazan Jazan

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The Fifa Mountains are located in southern Saudi Arabia, east of the Jazan region, and they are a group of mountains that wrap around each other to appear from afar in the form of a single pyramidal mountain, so it is called by another name, “Jebel Fifa,” characterized by its steepness, difficult terrain, rugged paths and many turns, and it is a green mass and that It is due to its fertility and its ability to grow several varieties of plants The height of the mountains of Fifa is above the surface of the sea, it is estimated at (12000) feet and the summit (Al-Absiya) is considered the highest peak in the mountain. As for the area, it has some difference as its estimate differs from one researcher to another. The area is estimated at a width of 20 km in a length of 30 km or 600 square kilometers

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