Fayfa in Jazan

Fayfa in Jazan

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Fayfa is a province in the Jazan area of Saudi Arabia, located in the southwest of the country, with many minor cities and villages.

The Fayfa mountains are located in the south of Saudi Arabia, east of Jazan, and are in the shape of mountains that wrap around one another; from a distance, they appear to be in the shape of a pyramid, hence the name Mount Fayfa.

The Fayfa Mountains are distinguished by a huge number of slopes, numerous turns, the difficulty of its pathways and terrain, and it is also a green mass, since it is distinguished by the fertility of its land, and therefore several species of plants grow there.

About Fayfa

Al-Hamdani mentioned when he described the island of Arabia that there is a village called Anafiya located in the south of Fayfa and its inhabitants are ( Al-Madr), and Al-Hajari also mentioned and said that Fayfa is a vast country where there is a famous village called Anafiya.

Fayfa location

Fayfa region is in the south-west of Saudi Arabia, and the Sarawat Mountains are located between the Yemen borders from the South, Asir from the North, Jizan from the West, and Najran from the East, it is about 3000 metres above sea level, and is on the 43rd longitude and 17th latitude.

Fayfa land space

The area of Fayfa province is estimated at about 600 square kilometres, and it is surrounded by Damad valley from the east to Ras Al-Qaws in the West, and Jawar valley in the North and West, to meet at Al-Mahha point in the west of the mountain.

Topography of Fayfa

Mount Fayfa is a series of peaks varying in height, and one of the most famous peaks of Fayfa is Al-Absiya, where the mountain stretches exactly like an arc from the north to the south, as it is surrounded by a Damad valley, and due to that, Fayfa suffered from the difficulty and roughness of the roads, and it was inhabited by a large number of people that cooperated together to smooth the road and cut it though the mountain so that they and their animals could move and walk through it. They were able to use nature and solve their problems, as they used stones to build their houses, and not only that but they were able to build them in cylindrical shapes to fit as many houses as possible and even resist difficult natural factors.

Fayfa climate

Fayfa is characterised by a relatively mild climate throughout the year. During the winter, it is cold at the top of the mountain and this is normal due to its height above the sea surface, as for the summer, the heat increases at the foothills of the mountains, temperatures during the summer range from 16 to 28 degrees, and during the winter the temperature is between 3 to 25 degrees.

The humidity during the winter is about 50% and during the summer about 30% and this makes the weather mild in summer and a little cold in winter.

Fayfa residents

The population of Fayfa province is about 29,793 people, according to the latest statistics for 2018 in the Jazan region, the dialect of the people there is distinctive, as it is an ancient Arabic language that dates back to classical Arabic or what is called the Khulani language, and it got developed a lot through time and eras.

Agriculture in Fayfa

The mountains of Fayfa are characterised by agricultural terraces, which distinguishes them with beauty and picturesque wonderful views. It is amazing that the soil of Fayfa differs in its characteristics from place to place, which makes it easy to grow more than one type of crop side by side in the same area, it is a clay and sandy mixed soil, with the salinity varying between medium and light, and there are large amounts of magnesium, potassium, and calcium, which makes it a distinctive fertile soil.


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