Forsan Island

Forsan Island

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It's no more news that Jizan Farasan islands are the world's most visited islands. They are popularly known for their amazing and unexplainable beauties which leave visitors and tourists with nothing but daily tastes to visit these fabulous destinations. 

The Jizan province has a lovely secret and this secret is its major center of attraction for tourists which is the Farasan islands formally known as Portugal Ferresanus. People from all over the world flood these islands to feel the serenity they bring. The Farasan Islands have their geographies located on the southern part of the Red Sea, which is owned by the Jizan region. This region is located in the Western portion of Saudi Arabia, one of the most magnificent countries in the world. 

They are a group of Islands that contain 176 small islands of various sizes. 
The Farasan island is the largest of the Jizan Farasan islands with a distance of 50km offshore from the Red Sea. Some other amazing islands that can be found in the Jizan Farsan islands are Wheat, Kira, Salwa, Chiddah, Wedding, etc. They are famous and popularly known for their beautiful images and peaceful nature that attracts visitors and tourists. Forsan islands always get accolades for their blissful history and great biodiversity. Because of the unique species such as flamingos, the crab plover, Osprey, Farasan gazelle, red-billed tropicbird, etc. housed by these islands, the Saudi Arabia wildlife Authority declared the islands in 1996 as protected areas which contributed to the safety of these islands, the people staying around, the visitors and the tourists. For centuries, the islands have been passing routes for people from different countries. 

There are unending reasons to visit those gorgeous islands in Jizan.

These islands have an unexplainable peaceful nature that is capable of warming the hearts of visitors and tourists. The peaceful nature of these islands ignites the joy of the visitors and makes them forget their sorrow, calm their stressed souls and bring satisfactory smiles to the faces of their visitors/tourists, if not forever but as long as they are in these lovely islands. 

People especially kids are provided with the opportunity to see new species and learn more about them, which in return expand the horizon of their knowledge. 

There are many interesting activities available for visitors/tourists in these islands with spectacular views to always dream of. Some of the gorgeous activities you can perform there are; Taking pictures with lovely backgrounds at a small but beautiful village called Al Qassar, taking a stroll and pictures around the ottoman fort which is one of the most amazing structures on these islands, there are many lovely beaches in these islands where visitors can have the best moments with their families watching the calming view of the sunset, a lot of sea fish can are these islands to satisfy visitors/tourists. 

There are many breath-taking locations on these islands where you can enjoy and visit with family and friends. Some of these are Century beach, Luqman castle, Kandal castle, and Ghadeer bay which is the largest bay on the Forsan islands. 
Jizan Farasan islands are best in providing heavenly experiences that can never be forgotten.

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