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Imam Turki bin Abdullah Grand Mosque is located in an area called Al-Hakam Palace in the center of Riyadh; where it was established during the reign of Imam Turki bin Abdullah, and this is why it was named after him, in addition to being the largest mosque in Riyadh, and passing through many and many expansions. 


The Construction of the Imam Turki bin Abdullah Mosque 

The mosque was built in Al-Naqa, a city in central Riyadh, and Imam Turki bin Abdullah bin Al Saud ordered the construction. The mosque was named after him, and was later appointed to Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Hassan al-Sheikh to manage and supervise, in addition to appointing him as the head of scholars.

Imam Turki bin Abdullah also asked him to restore the old school, which used to study the arts and common sciences at that time, and the Mosque's proximity to residential neighborhoods and Al-Hakam Palace was also taken into account, to serve as a scientific institution in the Saudi state. 


Then came Imam Faisal bin Turki bin Abdullah Al Saud, son of Imam Turki bin Abdullah, who had a great and effective impact on the development of the Turkish mosque, where he worked to increase the area of the mosque from the western and eastern sides in 1259, and he also worked to decorate the mosque with wonderful and attractive Islamic decorations, which were not very known back then, and he also built an upper corridor between Al-Hakam Palace and the mosque.

He also worked on building the most modern watering machines at that time. 

As for the recent modern era, the Mosque was also the center of attention as it was always in constant maintenance, development and Improvement. 

Abdul Aziz Al Saud also paid attention to it and built a bridge linking Al-Hakam palace and the mosque which helps to ease the movement during the praying time for the King and his. 

He also increased its lights and renovated the bedding in the mosque and also worked to expand its area further through the annexation of the wells of Suelma, Sadia, facila, Sultanate and much of the other lands.

The mosque was built in the old days using the traditional methods at that time, which included the use of primitive materials such as Stones, palm trunks, dried milk and clay, but with the continuous development in construction, the Kings also took care of the mosque and used newer and luxurious materials in its constant renovation and development. 

Both King Khalid and Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud paid a lot of attention to the architecture of the Mosque, as they introduced modern designs and renovated it stylishly, you can notice that there are old and low headlights in the mosque and small ones that surround the space in front, which proves the many modifications that have been constantly made to develop the mosque 

Al-Hakam palace area has been newly entirely set for architectural development and therefore the mosque has also been included, and The Higher Authority for the Development of the City of Riyadh has overseen the expansion and urban, environmental, and engineering development project. 

They have improved its features and made a lot of expansions, which changed a lot of its old features, as the area of the mosque was finally estimated to reach up to 16.8 thousand square meters, accommodating more than 17 thousand worshipers at one time. 

The mosque has been designed to consist of a main men's Musalla and a women's Musalla attached to it. It has an area of about 6.32 thousand meters, and a height of 14.8 meters, it is also attached to a surrounding area of 4.8 thousand square meters. It includes two libraries, one for men and one for women, so the area of one library is about 325 square meters, in addition to containing housing for the Muezzin and the Imam.