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Jabal Sawda (Al-Sawda Mountain) is one of the tallest mountains in Saudi Arabia and one of the mountains of 'Asir Province, reaching a height of 3133 metres. It is also distinguished by the abundance of juniper trees, which cover the mountains to form natural forests made by the Creator without any human intervention.

In addition, there is a tourist village located near it, which is only about 20 km from the city of Abha, at an altitude of 3015 metres above sea level, and the mountain also has a cable car as a way to move through it and also for tourists to visit and see these picturesque and beautiful views.

Tourism in Jabal Sawda

Sawda is distinguished by its attractive and picturesque location, which overlooks a region known as Tihamah. As a result, magnifying binoculars have been installed in this area so that visitors and tourists can use them to see the wonderful and beautiful views, which include valleys and gorges, as well as neighbouring villages located in Tihamah village.

The weather of the village is also very wonderful, during the summer the temperature does not exceed 15, while in winter the weather is very cold, and that is compared to the neighbouring places, and due to the high altitude.

In Sawda, a particular Tourist Village has been established to be a tourist area where tourists from all over the world come to spend their time, as it contains all of the amenities they will ever require to have a wonderful experience.

In addition, a park has been connected to neighbouring villages such as Rijal Almaa' village located in the province of Tihamah, and this is through cable cars, which are only about 40 km away from Abha so that the visitor can visit the entire area by a cable car.

The villages surrounding Sawda Park have almost been converted into resorts and tourist communities, such as (Bakr sites, Baha Rabia villages, and al-Muhtataba Park which is characterised by picturesque natural waterfalls, in addition to a number of lakes, which may have been formed as a result of constant water runoff and rainfall). And, most recently, King Abdul Aziz authorised the establishment of a park north of Sawda, with gorgeous and wonderful vistas, as well as all the services they would ever require to have a wonderful time.

The Geological Survey of the Saudi Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources announced in 2009 that Mount Sawda was Saudi Arabia's highest sea peak.

The authority has issued a statement that the mountain is 3105 metres above sea level and this statement was issued after many procedures such as field surveys, visits, and aerial photography