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Khamis Mushait

Khamis Mushayt Khamis Mushayt

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Khamis Mushait is a city in Saudi Arabia and the administrative seat of the Khamis Mushait governorate. It is located in the Asir region, southwest of Saudi Arabia, at an elevation of 1850 metres above sea level.

The city is also of great commercial and tourist importance within the Asir region, as it has moderate weather in the summer, and is characterised by a lot of rain, in addition to containing several natural parks

Since ancient times, Khamis Mushait has been an important regional commercial area, with markets that are the main conduit for supplying supplies and goods to the region as well as those passing through it.

The History of Khamis Mushait

Khamis Mushait is one of the ancient historical cities known as the Jerash region, and it was described by this ancient name in the book of Al-Hamdani, as well as the Hadith, which reported about the people of the Jerash region travelling to Medina during the Prophet Muhammad's rule (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)

There was a fight in the motherland at the time, and the Holy Prophet changed the name to Shukr instead of Jerash, and it is a tiny peak located west of Mount Damac, which is known as Rafidah in Ahad Al Masarihah governorate, and it is today mentioned by the name of Shukr.

The names of Khamis Mushait throughout history

●      Jerash: It was given this name in the era of King Nafil Ibn Habib Al-Aklabi Al-Khatami, who was the king of Chatham and is also famous for his story when he confronted the Abraha al-Ashram

●      Al-Khamis Oasis: It was given this name during the reign of Bani Sarrah Al Rashid

●      Khamis Bin Hamdan: It was called this name in proportion to the market in which it was located which was called Khamis and it was held every Thursday of the week, and Hamdan named it after his family name, the Hamdan of the Rashid family, who were from the Shahran Chatham tribe

●      Khamis Shahran: It has been given this name because of the market that took place every Thursday of the week, and it is also called Umm Suq Al-Khamis, and it has been attributed to the Shahran Chatham tribe, and this since its arrival in 1404 Hijri

●      Khamis Mushait: This name has been adopted since 1404 until now, and this is under the guidance of King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz, to amend the title of the region after the name of its Prince Ibn Mushait Al-Ghannoumi Al-Rashidi Al-Shahrani

Khamis Mushait in the Saudi era

The main reason for naming this location Khamis Mushait was when King Abdul Aziz arrived in this area and prince Said Bin Mushait fell under his rule, which is why he named it Khamis Mushait.

This was a tribute from King Abdulaziz to Prince Khamis Mushait Ali for his excellent cooperation, and all of Saudi Arabia's invasions stood and started south through Khamis Mushait, where prince Abdulaziz bin Musaed Al Jiluwi entered and camped the region and so later did King Saud bin Abdul Aziz, Prince Faisal bin Saad, and King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz

In addition to the creation of a military base in Khamis Mushait, which was named "The Military city of King Faisal", it also has an air base called King Khalid Air Base

Residents of Khamis Mushait

According to the most recent information from the General Authority for Statistics, the population of Khamis Mushait is approximately 503 thousand people. Finally, it is noted for its cold climate, particularly in winter, as well as its mild climate in summer.

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