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The Arabian Peninsula's history is filled of horse-related events and occasions, and this culture, which originated in the Arabian Peninsula, has extended over the world to contribute to numerous service and humanitarian efforts.

The center is responsible for the care and preservation of thoroughbred Arabian horses throughout Saudi Arabia, and the King Abdulaziz Center represents the state of Saudi Arabia in many international and global organizations, as it always works to apply international standards in registration, care, and movement.

The King Abdulaziz Center is located in the Dirab area, which is an agricultural area approximately 35 kilometers southwest of Riyadh.

Also, the King Abdulaziz Center for thoroughbred Arabian horses is one of the centers that have been built and established on a very large and vast area, the center's area is about one million square meters, it also contains 297 thoroughbred Arabian horses, and the number of registered people and owners in the center is about 8200, in addition to the number of horses registered in the center and that is about 28360 horses. 

One of the most important tasks carried out by the King Abdulaziz Center for thoroughbred Arabian horses is to produce purebred horses to preserve the ancient Saudi and Arabian thoroughbred horse breed, which is attributed to the genealogies known since ancient times in the Arabian Peninsula. 

The King Abdulaziz Center is the first place around the world in registering the births of original and purebred horses globally in 2016 with 3137 original horses

The Arabian horse Center at Dirab was constructed in 1384 Hijri, and the Arabian thoroughbred horses of the royal family were housed there.

Then in 1418, the second National Exhibition of Purebred Arabian horses was established and it was held under the patronage of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and the decision was made at that time to change the name of the center to its current name "King Abdulaziz Center for Purebred Arabian horses in Dirab".

King Abdulaziz Center Services

Representing the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in international and global organizations and therefore it is competent to register Arabian horses within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

Registration and follow-up of births and imported horses located in Saudi Arabia to implement international regulations in the registration processes and also coordinate the development of production and breeding 

Taking care of the state-owned horses located inside the center and their services such as planting the necessary feed, veterinary care, feeding and training activities for them, as well as responsibility for holding special shows for Arabian horses 

Providing advice and guidance to all those interested in purebred Arabian horses 

Coordinating with international and global organizations to carry out official documentation of import and export regulations 

Issuing official certificates for the registration of Arabian horses in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a pedigree register on an ongoing basis, and passports for thoroughbred Arabian horses. 

Developing appropriate plans for the production of horses within the center while maintaining rare pedigrees and breeds to preserve them historically 

Receiving guests and visitors interested in Arabian horses, senior state officials, as well as ambassadors and members of the diplomatic corps. 

Supervising the beauty contests of thoroughbred Arabian horses held by the private sectors

Participating in national festivals to revive Janadri heritage and culture

Objectives of the King Abdulaziz Center for Arabian horses 

Making the necessary approvals to maintain the pedigree of Arabian horses 

Developing a care plan for horses

Conducting periodic equine activities with international coordination 

Providing guidance and awareness to owners of Purebred Arabian horses 


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