(King Abdulaziz World Cultural Center (Ithra

(King Abdulaziz World Cultural Center (Ithra

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It is also known as Ithra, and it is a cultural center owned by Saudi Aramco. It is located near to the location where the Al-Khair oil well was discovered, and it was the first oil well discovered in the city of Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. The center is characterized by its unique and amazing design, it is a monolith of stones, which includes among its aspects a modern elegant library as well as an innovation center and also contains a children's Oasis, which is considered the first children's Museum in the Arab world 

It also has a Natural History Museum, Art Halls, and an Archive Room, as well as a Knowledge Tower in the center that offers educational events for pioneers of all ages.

In 2018, the center was chosen by the American Time magazine to be one of the 100 Greatest Places Around the world, it was established on an area of 80,000 square meters, and it is also described and characterized by its inclusiveness for many fields. 

Snohita, a Norwegian company, also designed the King Abdulaziz World Cultural Center in a distinctive and unique style to combine sophistication and creativity 

The center has also been arranged so that the floors located below the ground level contain what belongs to the past and at the ground level includes everything related to the present, while the knowledge tower deals with everything that paves for the future 

The center is also notable for its distinctive exterior design in contemporary architecture, with its shape made of a steel tube that wraps the entire building, where the tube contains thousands of small pieces that are cut and folded separately, where the tube is one tube when assembled and installed to give the shape of the building a shiny, silky metallic appearance.

Also, a number of leading international companies have developed interactive technologies in all the various departments of the center in order to enhance the feasibility of making education more enjoyable and unparalleled elsewhere 

The building of King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture was designed and built according to the standards known for leadership in energy and environmental designs in order to be significantly durable for many, many years to come

The Tower of knowledge 

The Tower of Knowledge comprises many rooms dedicated to the development of more than 200 workshops per year in various subjects such as mathematics, engineering, technology, science sectors, as well as Multimedia, Arts, and skill-building programs.

It is assumed that all the contents that will be presented in these workshops will be developed in conjunction with the best local specialized institutions, as these workshops are aimed not only at the youth but target all different age groups 

and the goal is that these knowledge programs will be delivered to more than 80 thousand learners every year by providing about half a million educational hours that help in the development of passion and satisfy the cognitive curiosity of men and women compatriots 

The process of education and knowledge exchange will be managed in a way that helps to enhance the value of citizenship, as well as respecting diversity and differences, and the culture of volunteering is also acceptable. The center greatly helps to promote curiosity and love of knowledge and learning in the Saudi society 

As education will be online, the role of the center is not limited to what it will offer or what it actually offers now, but will extend its work and presence electronically to reach the largest possible number of interested