King Fahd causeway (Bridge)

King Fahd causeway (Bridge)

Khobar Khobar

About :

It is a bridge that connects the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Kingdom of Bahrain; its length is around 25 kilometers and its width is 23.2 meters; it begins in Khobar and ends in Al-Manama, Bahrain's capital.

King Fahd causeway was officially opened in 1986 on November 25 

and Sheikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa named it Fahd causeway after Prince Fahad bin Abdulaziz Al Saud 

This bridge contributed to the economic and social benefits of the two brotherly countries -- Saudi Arabia and Bahrain -- as well as the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. In January 2019, King Fahd Bridge Public Corporation announced that the number of passengers crossing the bridge in 32 years had reached more than 382 million passengers and this equal to 74,000 per day. In the same year, the bridge recorded the highest transit number since it opened in 1986, with 2,918,993 travelers in 2019 via King Fahd Bridge.

The King Fahd bridge construction project has been an idea in the mind since 1965, and this was during the reception of Sheikh Khalifa Bin Sulaiman Al Khalifa, who was then the Bahraini Prime Minister, and his visit to the eastern province, so the idea began to loom, and then Sheikh Khalifa expressed his desire to build a bridge connecting the state of Saudi Arabia with the state of Bahrain, and King Faisal immediately agreed and ordered the formation of a joint committee between the two countries to study the strategy used to implement the King Fahd bridge project

Immediately after King Khalid took power in Saudi Arabia, technicians and consultants thoroughly studied the project, and King Khalid bin Abdul Aziz agreed to build the bridge to be officially commissioned in the month of Ramadan in 1981, after signing with the Dutch company Ballast Nedam, and the first foundation of the King Fahd bridge was installed in 1982, with the bridge set to open in 1986.

Among the most important statistics of the King Fahd bridge that have been recorded are :

The bridge consists of 345,000 cubic meters of cement material, 25,000 tons of reinforced concrete, and 10,000 tons of prestressed steel metal, all these are quantities used in the construction of foundations and bases of the bridge. 

About 9.5 million cubic meters of soil were used

The cost of only one kilometer of dams used for the construction of the bridge has been about 68 million riyals 

Also, 6 kilometers of underground material were used to install one pillar of the bridge, and about 9 thousand samples, 16 thousand laboratory experiments, and 8 thousand pages to record results. 

More than 1500 workers from the state of Bahrain have worked on this project 

More than 25,219,616 cars have passed through the bridge, an average of 4,989 cars daily, and more than 64,759,261 have traveled through it since its establishment so that makes the daily average number of passengers about 22,971, these figures are the latest statistics for the year 2000

The Middle Island (King Fahd Island) 

The Middle Island, which offers a lot of entertainment facilities for visitors, lends a distinctive tourist flavor to the bridge, and it is frequented by a huge number of tourists throughout their journey to and from Bahrain and Saudi Arabia via the King Fahd Causeway.

It is an artificial island that was created and designed to take the shape of a clock, it consists of 4 rubble dams and is located directly in the middle of the bridge 

It is one of the most beautiful phenomena that tourists see while crossing through the bridge, it is surrounded by water up to 12 meters deep, so many tourists visit the middle island to visit the facilities there such as restaurants, especially the restaurant located at the top of the tower located at the borders facing towards Saudi Arabia.