Kingdom of Dadan & Lahyan

Kingdom of Dadan & Lahyan

Al-Ula / Madian Saleh Al-Ula / Madian Saleh

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It is an ancient Arab kingdom. It was established in Al-Hajar in northwestern Saudi Arabia. It was called in the first stages of the Kingdom of Worms. The Kingdom of Lahyan lasted in its first stage in the period (2000 BC - 1700 BC) and in its second stage between (1300 BC-900) BC to 200 BC) and its third stage after independence from the Nabateans in the period between (107 AD - 150 AD)



In the era of BC, a certain community coming from the south of the Arabian Peninsula established a state and civilization in Dedan and Tayma, north of the Hijaz. Their settlement was called Dedan or Dadan. Their civilization contributed a great deal to the movement of arts, writing, trade and architecture, and their monuments and inscriptions still remain there today.

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