Kingdom Tower (Jeddah Tower)

Kingdom Tower (Jeddah Tower)

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The Kingdom Tower is one of the most famous landmarks in Jeddah, and many people refer to it as the Jeddah Tower rather than the Kingdom Tower because it is the most famous landmark in Jeddah, and it is currently under construction to be the tallest skyscraper in the world.

The Kingdom Tower project was announced in 2007 by Kingdom Holding Company, which is owned by Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, and is planned to be the world's tallest tower.

Furthermore, it will be the world's first tower whose structure reaches a length of one kilometer, which is a very large and even fictitious figure. It was also planned for the tower to be 1.6 kilometers long, but the state of the land and terrain prevented that from happening.

However, it is expected to be built with a length of 1000 meters. Adrian Smith is one of the most important and well-known people involved in the management of this project, which is part of the Giant Jeddah Project.

It is also estimated that the project will include a high-rise tower for its multiple uses and purposes such as (a five-star hotel, offices, accommodation, shopping mall, and watchtower)  

The tower, which is distinguished by its wonderful and appealing strategic location, is located directly on the sea in the north of Jeddah and is planned to include a residential area of two and a half million square meters, a shopping area of 470 thousand square meters, an educational area of 150 thousand square meters, as well as the establishment of areas with commercial and administrative offices on an area of 800 thousand square meters.and the rest of the land will be used as tourist and entertainment areas and hotels, and finally, a luxury tourist resort will be designed and established, and all this under the roof of only one city named Kingdom City 

Timeline of Kingdom Tower construction 

Many soil tests were conducted in 2008 to confirm the soil's ability to withstand a skyscraper of this height, and it was later reported that the tower was scaled and reduced in length to 500 meters less than expected and planned.

Also in 2009, reports indicated the status of the project, which was already carried out by Bechtel Co, the former engineering firm, which was working to terminate its participation in the project due to the global economic crisis.

While Kingdom Holding Co immediately criticized these reports and stated that the project has been started and was in progress.

In March 2010, engineer Adrian was chosen to manage and complete the project, as he hadn't previously wanted to enter very high buildings projects in such a large way, a building that reaches a kilometer in length, but then engineer Adrian's design won as the best design among more than 8 leading and international construction companies around the world like ( Kohn Pedersen Fox - Pickard Chilton - Billy Billy Clark - Foster + Partners), companies that are distinguished by skill and completion of huge projects with large and global economic activities, but Adrian won it anyway.

and these companies have designed a lot of big projects such as (Burj Khalifa - Owings & Meryl - Skidmore - Greenland Nanjing the Financial Center in Nanjing China - Trump Hotel & Tower in Chicago Illinois - Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai - Pearl River Tower in Guangzhou, China) and the Kingdom tower wasn't their first try, as they have a big vendor of amazing engineering power work around the world.

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