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Mada'in Saleh, or Al-Hijr City, is considered one of the most important archaeological sites in the Alula Governorate and in the Kingdom in general. Mada'in Saleh has been registered as the first site in Saudi Arabia to join the list of World Heritage sites, which represents a recognition of the global cultural value, and the integrity of the work and procedures taken in dealing with this site. Mada'in Saleh is located 22 km from Alula Governorate.

The place occupies a strategic position on the road linking the south of the Arabian Peninsula with Mesopotamia, the Levant and Egypt, and the place has its historical fame, which it derived from its location on the ancient trade route that connects the south of the Arabian Peninsula and the Levant. . The stone was mentioned in the Qur’an as the home of the people of Thamud, who responded to the call of the Prophet of God, Saleh, and then abandoned their religion and stabbed the she-camel that God sent to them as a sign, so he destroyed them with a shout. Alfred

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