Muftaha Village

Muftaha Village

Abha Abha

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Al Muftaha Village is one of the tourist villages located in the city of Abha in the south of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The village is built on architectural styles derived from the heritage and civilization of the Asir region. It is a group of contiguous buildings along the internal and external corridors, which were built according to the traditional methods of construction in the city of Abha, where small openings and thick walls and the use of (raqf) to protect the mud walls from rain and provide shadows on the facade of the building Founded in 1989 as an attempt to promote the arts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has now become a popular attraction and is frequented by tourists and locals alike. This cultural center offers artists studio and exhibition space, and therefore the opportunity to present their unique work to the community. This initiative was the first of its kind; with the Saudi Arabian government’s aim being to bring together individuals passionate about photography, traditional crafts, and fine arts and embrace them. The city of Abha also includes the famous

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