Obhur Bay

Obhur Bay

Jeddah Jeddah

About :

Obhur Bay, also known as Al-Karaa' or Sharm Obhor, is located about 30 kilometres north of the city of Jeddah, around 30 kilometres from Al-Balad (Old Jeddah). Obhur Bay is one of the most famous beaches in the city of Jeddah, and vacationers from all over the kingdom come to enjoy it. Previously, the Bay was considered completely remote from urban areas, and thus it was one of the environments rich in wildlife, but with the extraction of oil, the fame of Saudi Arabia, and the occurrence of this economic development, the Bay and Saudi Arabia became a desirable destination for tourism and urbanisation.

Location of Obhur Bay

Obhur Bay is located in the north of the city of Jeddah; which is part of Mecca, and about 30 kilometres from Al-Balad (Old Jeddah), and it is also connected from the northeast through a low seaward Seaway to drive the water to the sea at times of high tide, and therefore it has a water shortage during low tide, it was formerly called Al-Karaa', and the government has recently worked on developing it, as it is an important tourist attraction in Jeddah, by letting the Planning Office in Jeddah design a newly organised map. The bay is also characterised by wonderful weather and open air, and this is due to the sea surrounding the area of Obhur from the South and West.

History of Obhur Bay

Many Western historians and travellers, as well as Arabs, have visited Obhur Bay, and they have mentioned it in their plans and writings, and the most famous of these historians are :

Carsten Niebuhr: He is one of the most famous Danish travellers, he visited the city of Jeddah in 1762, and at that time the visit was a scientific Regiment headed by Carsten Niebuhr, and this team was sent by the king of Denmark with a desire to get to know the Arabian Peninsula.

To be one of the first European travellers who explored the city of Jeddah. Carsten Niebuhr's journey started from SUEZ to end in Jeddah, and before his ship reached Jeddah, he stopped on his way in Obhur bay, and Niebuhr tells about his journey saying :

Since he set off from the city of Suez to go to the city of Jeddah, he sailed eastward to be able to see the rising sun, then on October 27 the ship headed south, as the shore of the Arabian Peninsula stretches southward until reaching Jeddah, after which the ship passed in front of Umm Al-Misk, which is a small island in the area close to the shore, and then they passed Haram island, which is also a small island, and so on the captain of the ship carried it from place to place, took care not to be far away from land, and this is for the safety of passengers in the event of a shipwreck, and on the evening of the 27th, the ship docked to Ras Hatba, and in the next day afternoon they arrived at Wakr mountain, to spend a pleasant night near the sea, then the ship's captain tied it from both sides by large stones through coral Piers.

Then they left the next morning to complete their journey, and also due to a strong wind and a sandstorm in the place, which made them flee, and at exactly two o'clock in the afternoon they arrived in the city of Jeddah, the ship docked safely, and Carsten started his journey, for which he came to visit and study the Arabian Peninsula and its history, and write about it with his students in their books and manuscripts.