Omar ibn al-Khaṭṭāb Mosque

Omar ibn al-Khaṭṭāb Mosque


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One of the mosque's most notable aspects, and one of the reasons for its distinction, is its excellent design construction, which is reminiscent of primitive mosque designs from the Islamic era. It is extremely similar to the mosques built during the reign of the Holy Prophet, our master Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), and this is why it is one of the most important and distinctive ancient and historic mosques because no changes in its design and construction have been made.

 Construction of Omar ibn al-Khattab Mosque 

The mosque was built in the Al-Jowf area, by order of the caliph Al-Rashid, our master Omar ibn al-Khattab, and the history books mentioned that the mosque was built during the passage trip of Omar ibn al-Khattab to Jerusalem, Palestine, as it was built in 17 Hijri  

Location of the Omar ibn al-Khattab Mosque 

The mosque was built in the middle of the city of Dumah Al Jandal, near the Al Dar district to the south of the town, and the city of Dumah Al Jandal is one of the Provinces of the Al-Jowf region, which is located in northern Saudi Arabia.

The Construction design of the mosque 

The mosque was built with a pattern and design similar to the mosques that had been built during the reign of our Master the messenger of Allah Muhammad, as it is very similar to the design of the Prophet's mosque in Medina in its early stages before development or what it reaches now. The roof of the mosque was built from Ethel wood as well as palm fronds, which were covered in mud. This was once the method and tools used in the construction of mosques when Islam first emerged.  

It has also been built in a rectangular shape, where the width of the mosque is about 18 meters and the length from the west to the East is 32.5 meters. The mosque has been designed to contain (Sahn - Minbar - Mihrab -Qibla hall- mosque square - Musalla) and it is very distinctive, especially its rear part, as it is a place for privacy, worship, and prayer in the winter to protect who is inside from the cold weather. 

Minaret of Omar ibn al-Khattab Mosque 

The mosque is famous for its wonderful Minaret with its unique design, and the lower part of the minaret was built with a geometric design in the shape of a square so that the side length of the base is 3 meters, where the higher the minaret goes, the narrower it becomes, and the higher you gaze, it goes from a pyramidal shape to eventually reach a conical shape. The minaret had only four floors and was built into the ceiling of the mosque corridor leading to the exit. There is also an interior staircase in the minaret that connects the floors; the staircase was made of stone and, due to the passage of time, it has deteriorated, which made it impossible to climb between the floors of the minaret. 


Omar ibn al-Khattab Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in the north of the Arabian Peninsula, it is an archaeological mosque that was built by Omar ibn al-Khattab in an old Islamic style, and therefore it is considered one of the most important historical, cultural and ancient Islamic monuments located in the Al-Jowf region in Saudi Arabia 

Also, this mosque's importance is due to its design's primitiveness, which is very similar to the initial image of the Prophet's mosque in Medina. It is one of the designs that express the Shape of the mosque when Islam started at the beginning, and therefore it carries a lot of extraordinary beautiful spirituality.

Establishment of Omar ibn al-Khattab Mosque

The mosque was built by Caliph Omar ibn al-Khattab and it is said that the construction was completed in the year 16 Hijri during his trip to Jerusalem


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