PRIMARY SCHOOL (Al-Amiriah School )

PRIMARY SCHOOL (Al-Amiriah School )

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Al-Amiriah School was the first school to be established in Al-Ahsa governorate within the city of Hofuf within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and as such, it has a high and elevated status because it provided an opportunity for the children of Al-Ahsa and Hofuf in education and development by making the environment of Al-Ahsa more advanced after there were no schools at the time,  and therefore there was a large percentage of ignorance and people with lack of knowledge, so the establishment of Al-Amiriah School made the people of Al-Ahsa more intellectual and educated to build and develop their community and their homeland

The school was established in the year 1360 Hijri by order of King Abdulaziz Al Saud who wanted to develop the Al-Ahsa and Hofuf region as the development of communities starts from education, so King Abdulaziz did not stop at this, but he also ordered the development and modernization of the school again only 4 years after the its establishment. 

The school started operating in 1356 Hijri and was officially recognized by the ministry after King Abdul Aziz personally visited it.

One of the most important goals of the school was to help students to increase their awareness and expand their intellectual perceptions, and this by teaching a lot of diverse subjects, business science, religion, and mathematics, as they were taught by specialists and experts in each subject separately

A number of notable persons in society who hold top positions in the state of Saudi Arabia have attended the school, the most famous of whom being former Labor Minister Ghazi Abdul Rahman Al Gosaibi, as well as Petroleum Minister Ali Al-Nuaimi.

Where the year 1362 Hijri was the year in which the first group of students graduated, and the number of successful students was 70 students. 

The school was not the same as the usual schools, but it was one of the tourist destinations that many visitors come to see from different places of Saudi Arabia, as it is characterized by the splendor of its design in the form of ancient heritage

For many reasons, Al-Amiriah School is one of the most distinctive schools, with famous writers, intellectuals, and ministers who have previously graduated from it paying visits on a regular basis. It is an important tourist and historical site that people come to view the beauty of its design; it has benefited many Al-Ahsa people in their education and in developing their intellect, awareness, and perceptions.

The King stated his great admiration for Al-Najah National private school, which was established by Mohammed Al-Naim, and therefore after King Abdulaziz visited Al-Ahsa, he decided that a school should be established in Al-Ahsa and ordered the establishment of Al-Amiriah school. 

Also, the opening of Al-Amiriah school was attended by a large number of important figures in Saudi society, which was opened under the patronage of Saud bin Jalawi, who was then the Emir of Al-Ahsa, accompanied by Prince Abdul Mohsen Bin Abdullah bin Jalawi

The school's administration was handed over to Mohammed bin Ali al-Nahhas, who was able to achieve great success during his administration, and the director Mohammed bin Ali built the first annex building to the Al-Amiriah school to make it a permanent headquarters and named it Al-Ahsa Al-Amiriah school.

Also, many different names have been given to the school over the years such as (Al-Ahsa Al-Amiriah school -Al-Ahsa elementary school - Al-Hofuf School - The House of culture) the school is located in Al-Hofuf city, in addition to the presence of a number of markets next to the school such as (Al-Qaisaryah market - meat market - gold market - vegetable market). Al-Amiriah school is one of the great schools that were able to provide honorable models to the community that became important figures with high status in Saudi society . 

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