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Qaisariah Souq

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Al-Qaisaryah market is one of the most famous historical markets in Al-Ahsa governate in the east of Saudi Arabia; it is located immediately in the middle of Hofuf on the western side of Al Rafaa region, as it opens directly on a large boulevard that penetrates the city center from North to South.

History of the creation of Al-Qaisaryah market 

Al-Qaisaryah has been formed in 1822 in the Ottoman era, it was a row of small shops, closely located with closed corridors, and the design of the Old Market was very similar to the Turkish style, so it was roofed like the custom of the Turks in the design of their markets 

Then it turned into its final look, its current form since the reign of King Abdul Aziz, which was built according to the Al-Ahsa neighborhood model, where the market has more than 400 shops with an area of 15,000 square meters 

Where the stores are divided into two sections, the first between the Bakers' and Blacksmiths' streets, and the second between the Blacksmiths' and Al-streets, Bedouin's Al-Qaisaryah market is one of the largest covered marketplaces in Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf.

As it is one of the most important commercial and economic markets within Al-Ahsa governorate and one of its most important prominent tourist attractions, it also has a very special location, where it is located among a group of ancient antique historical monuments such as Ibrahim Palace and the Amiri school, which is the first school in Al-Ahsa governorate

Al-Qaisaryah market is one of the most important markets that many Gulf markets aim to finance such as Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain, it is also famous for the presence of the finest types of dates in the city of Al-Ahsa, one of the largest oases around the world in the production and cultivation of palm trees, as well as the finest types of dates that are exported to many countries around the world. In addition, the market also contains perfumery shops famous for selling high-quality products such as ( fenugreek - Ziziphus- Groat- Nigella sativa - Incense - Herbs - Ahsa rice), It is also known for its exquisite and delicious fragrant Ahsa rice as well as a lot of products that you can't find of this quality anywhere in the world but in Al-Qaisaryah market, you can also find inside the market the finest types of henna, rare spices, aromatic perfumes with a breathtaking smell and many statistical products, as well as a lot of high-quality products imported from Bahrain and India 

The market is visited not only by residents of the Al-Ahsa region, but by people from all over the Kingdom, and there are many handicrafts and professional crafts that transmit Al-Qaisaryah culture through it, and these crafts are usually an interest for old people who want to wear clothes that are sewn manually by traditional hands.

One of the examples is Bisht knitting, as this craft has been known in the city of Al-Ahsa for many decades and has become famous within Saudi Arabia and the Arab world and was called Al-Bisht Al-Ahsawi, relative to the city of Al-Ahsa as there is very great demand for it, especially from regional dignitaries, businessmen, scientists, ministers, princes, as well as various Gulf countries for its quality, mastery, and beauty of design 

The English traveler William Belgrave visited the city of Hofuf in 1852 to describe Al-Qaisaryah market as one of the oldest markets around the world, so this market is not an ordinary market, but one of the monuments to which many tourists come to visit and see its beauty

Al-Qaisaryah market has been in existence since the days of the Jabrids state, and it has been greatly expanded since the beginning of the first Ottoman period, with the most recent renovations done from the western side since the first years of King Abdulaziz Al Saud's entry into the city of Al-Ahsa.