Qaryat Al-Faw (Al-Faw Village)

Qaryat Al-Faw (Al-Faw Village)

Najran Najran

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The ancient archaeological village of Al-Faw was once the capital of the first Kingdom of Kindah, which was one of the ancient Arab kingdoms of Najd, and it is now one of the most important and famous archaeological areas in the Arabian Peninsula and Saudi Arabia, as it expresses the ancient cities before the Islamic era through its design and ancient historical form.

If you wish to visit it to enjoy the breathtaking sights and vistas, it is located 700 kilometers south-west of Riyadh, precisely southwest of Al-Sulayyil Province, which is also 100 kilometers away, and it is also located 100 kilometers south of Riyadh.

The village of Al-Faw got its name because it intersects the city of Al-Dawasir with the Tuwaiq mountains at a crater called FAW, which is why the village was named after it 

ًWhen you visit the village of Al-Faw, you can look through it to the Empty Quarter of the city of Al-Dawasir from the northwestern side. Al-Faw village is also located 300 kilometers north of the city of Najran and is one of the most important Saudi and ancient archaeological villages that carry memories of many eras among them, and you can discover it yourself when you visit it. Tourists from all over the world seek to visit it, as many come to it from all over Saudi Arabia to enjoy the ancient history 

The village of Al-Faw was called in ancient times by the name of (That Kahil), and this is after the Sabaean statue, which was called Kahil. The Kings of Kindah took the village as the capital of the Kingdom in the fourth century BC. 

At that time, the kingdoms were not in harmony among themselves, but there were a lot of wars and invasions at that time, so the kingdom of Kindah was invaded by the Himyarite state, and then after the kingdom fell, it moved to the north of the Arabian Peninsula and settled in the area (Hafar Al - Batin - Dumah al-Jandal - Qassim)

After the collapse of the kingdom of Kindah completely, the influence of the Lakhmids and the Ghassanids expanded to enter the south of the Arabian Peninsula, and this action greatly angered the kingdom of Himyarite. 

Therefore, the kingdom of Himyarite decided to re-establish the kingdom of Kindah a second time, and this is to counter the oppression and invasion of the Ghassanids and the Lakhmids, who at that time were working for the benefit of the Roman and Persian tyrants 

After the village of Al-Faw was invaded and captured, it was discovered through antiquities that the village dates back to the fourth BC, and at that time the village of Al-Faw was called the village of Kahil after the name of Kahil Qahtan, who was the greatest god of the kingdom of Kindah at the time. 

Ancient texts were also discovered that indicate that the village of Kahil in the old days, which is currently FAW, was subjected to a feast of rebellions and battles, which was written by the king of the kingdom of Sheba. The village of Faw is one of the villages that you must visit If you have not visited yet because you will enjoy the beauty of contemporary civilizations carried by the village. It holds civilizations from the fourth century BC until now and tells us all about these ages that have passed through monuments, inscriptions, and the weather factors that have changed the erosion of its walls and land. It is a village of warmth and beauty you will have a lot of fun when you decide to visit it.