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The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is blessed with lots of deep cultural treasures and possessions. It is among the most beautiful nations in the world. The nation also has rich cultural values and traditions. They possess lots of museums that exhibit buildings, relics, and others things that date back to ancient times. This makes it a top tourist center in the world. Tourists troop into the kingdom in thousands to visit these sites of attraction. There are a lot of historical, archeological, and architectural attraction sites in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And the government has done well in ensuring that these site attractions are all in good condition for those who might want to visit. They all have well-structured interesting exhibits which catch the eye and mind of visitors. 
One of these major site attractions is located in Abha(the capital of 'Asir Region in Saudi Arabia), Saudi Arabia. The city of Abha is known to host several events which attract visitors and tourists to the city, some of these events include the summer Abha Festival, sporting events, shows, exhibitions, and musical performances of poets and singers. It is also a preferred destination for tourists because of its favourable weather and high landscape elevation, as the city lies on the western edge of Mount Al-Hijaz,

The Shadda palace is one of the prominent, ancient, standing historical buildings in Abha, Saudi Arabia. Located in one of the most visited regions of Saudi Arabia. The Shadda palace was established in the year 1820 as a palace of residence for the then governor of Saudi Arabia. It served as the major ruling palace in the region of Abha. The palace structure depicts the fast development of architecture in Abha. The Shadda palace possesses tall walls with no windows. There was no inclusion of windows in the building to maintain privacy, the tall walls are also to this cause, especially for the females, since the palace has an open roof. It is built with clay from bottom to top except for a few parts made of wood which support certain parts of this ancient architectural wonder. It has four floors. In 1987, the building was restored and finally reopened as a museum. Its exhibits are mainly local archeological artifacts, ancient household items, coins, photographs, furniture, handicrafts, and even utensils which all give an idea and create an image of what ancient life looked like. The former residential parts of the building are all open for tourists to visit any day from Saturday to Thursday.

The Shadda palace is a place to visit in Abha, Saudi Arabia. Its mild weather makes it easier for tourists to tour the popular city. Also, apart from the Shadda palace, there are lots of other notable attractions in Abha that tourists can visit. Some of them are Abha Great Mosque, the Al-Tahy restaurant, the Abha Palace Hotel, and the fun park next to Lake Sadd. So, if you live in Saudi Arabia or plan to visit and tour the beautiful city, make sure you visit this palace as it is one of the very few ancient architectural structures that still exist.

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