Souq Al Zel (Al-Zel Market) in Riyadh

Souq Al Zel (Al-Zel Market) in Riyadh

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Souq Al Zel is one of the ancient markets that have existed for a long time, dating back to 1319 Hijri, and it reflects the historical image of the Saudi state in the old days, so when you visit it, you will feel as if you have returned to a distant and ancient time, and its location is very special, as it is located in the center of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia's capital, so you can visit it and reach it easily, and there is also the ruling palace next to it.

Also, the market is surrounded by the ancient historical Masmak Palace and the Imam Turki bin Abdullah Mosque, in addition to the fact that Souq Al Zel has a unique character that you cannot find anywhere else. When you visit it, you will find in it the largest gathering of shops selling all men's clothing such as cloaks and Bisht, and also hand-embroidered Keffiyeh (shemagh), as there are ancient heritage carpets, shoes, oriental perfumes and incense of all different kinds 

When you visit the market, you will be impressed by its beauty and ancient heritage, as it is one of the oldest markets in Riyadh, dating back to 1901 ad 

Its fame has not only continued throughout history, but has recently expanded as it is one of the most important popular markets located within Riyadh, and its work does not stop at being only a market, but is also a tourist shrine visited by tourists seeking to see the authenticity and ancient heritage of the state of Saudi Arabia.

There is also a public auction held continuously and permanently in it 

The emergence of Souq Al Zel 

Souq Al Zel's work goes beyond simply being a market where customers may buy their items; it also expresses historic Saudi heritage and history, as you will notice when you visit it and see its walls informing you all about it.

Souq Al Zel is located in the center of Riyadh. It is close to Al Thumairi St, and it is also one of the distinctive markets where you can find all the old Saudi heritage from popular heritage clothing, hand-made embroidered carpets and clothing, and incense and oriental fragrances, in addition, there is an antique shop through which everything old is sold.

Souq Al Zel development 

The higher authority has done a lot of development and upgrading work for Souq Al Zel for the growth of Riyadh City, and the goal of doing these changes was to preserve the public character as well as the existing commercial activities in the market.

And for this, attention has been paid to the development of the infrastructure of the market and the leftovers of buildings that were made of corrosive milk clay that surrounded the market were removed and then the floor was tiled and the corridors lights were set. The panels of the interior shops were standardized to maintain consistency and a great aesthetic view. The roofs of the shops on the market were also developed and consolidated.

The projects and Planning Center at the supreme authority was also interested in studying the area of Souq Al Zel, which is located between Tariq bin Ziad Street on the south side, as well as Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Wahab Street on the west side and Sheikh Mohammed bin Ibrahim Street on the East, with an area of 38.580 square meters 

It also contains a lot of different traditional and heritage commercial activities from the north side