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Square Palace

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The Square Palace is an alternative name for The Murabba Palace. Its Arabic name is Qasr Al Murabba. The 1300ft x 1300ft square is where the name ‘Square Palace' comes from. The palace is located just outside historical Riyadh. It covers about 30 hectares of land some kilometers north of Riyadh.

Having completed the major structure of the palace, different technological advancements were ushered into Saudi Arabia as a whole.


For instance, the first lift in the kingdom was installed in the Square Palace. Although it was installed because King Abdulaziz had arthritis, it turned out to be one of the technological milestones of Saudi Arabia. In the same vein, amenities like water closets were first used in the Square Palace. The construction and use of the Square marked the civilization and modernization of Saudi Arabia.

The Square Palace is currently a ‘living museum', as part of King Abdulaziz Darah.



At the time when it was built, the palace was meant to be a residence for the royal family. It was built by King Abdulaziz in the 1930s. Formerly, the king and the royal family lived at Masmak Fortress. However, when the palace was completed in 1938, the king moved to the Square Palace.


Alongside being a residential building, the palace was also used for several official purposes. It was used as a venue for many formal occasions. Official meetings with both local and international leaders were held at the square palace during the reign of King Abdulaziz.

Following in his footsteps, his successor, King Saud also held different formal occasions at the Square Palace. In 1954, the inauguration ceremony of the council of ministers was held at the Square Palace.


Palace Sections

The Square Palace is more like a complex. From the name ‘Square Palace', it is apparent that the building has a square shape. Within the brick walls and nine gates of the Square Palace, there are facilities, residences, and the king's diwan. The south gate, which connects to a mosque, is used as the main gate.

The two-story building has over thirty rooms. While the ground floor was meant for general administration, the upper floors served as the king’s court and guest halls. Waiting rooms, exhibition centers, and other additions have been made to the palace in recent times.



The Square Palace is located just about two kilometers away from the walls of Riyadh. From the Masmak Fortress, the Square Palace is just about ½ miles away.