Tabuk ancient castle

Tabuk ancient castle

Tabuk Tabuk

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Tabuk archaeological castle, embodies the originality of the history of northern Saudi Arabia, and is a testament to the "owners of the Ike", in Tabuk one stands in front of the authenticity of history, specifically in front of "the archaeological castle of Tabuk, which is located about 250 km northeast of the city of Tabuk, and the site is the remains of a building constructed from Stones. While some history books indicated that the castle is a testament to the owners of the cubs, who are mentioned in the Qur'an. The castle consists of two floors, the ground floor contains an open courtyard and a number of rooms that open from the north and south sides 8 rooms, a mosque and a well. There.are also 12 rooms on the northern and western sides, and there is a stone gutter on the western side overlooking the courtyard to drain the water from the first floor. It is noticeable that there are archers in all directions, and there are three staircases, two of which lead to the two towers, one on the northwestern side, and the other on the southwestern side. The second exposed. There are ponds around Tabuk Castle that were filled from the eye, and the oldest building of the eye was built in the era of the Rashid Caliph Omar Ibn Al-Khattab - may God be pleased with him - and the pond of Ain Al-Sukkar must have been renewed and expanded during the ages following the era of the rightly-guided caliphs, and at the beginning of the Mamluk era the sources indicated two pillars On the eye around Tabuk Castle, and during the Ottoman era, restoration and maintenance works were carried out for these two ponds.

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