Tarot Island

Tarot Island

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Tarout is a Saudi island in the Arabian Gulf that is administratively subordinate to the Qatif governorate, one of the most important governorates in the eastern region. 

Tarout island is one of the most important and largest islands in the Arabian Gulf after Qeshm Island, Bubiyan Island, and the kingdom of Bahrain 

Tarout island's history is also tied to the kingdom of Bahrain, as the island dates back to around 5 thousand years BC. It is one of the oldest locations inhabited by people in ancient times, as well as one of the oldest parts of the Arabian Peninsula, and as a result, it is regarded as one of the most important areas and components of the Qatif oasis in the eastern region.

The reason for the name Tarout island 

The reason for naming Tarout island by this name is relative to Ishtar, which was the ancient name of the gods of love, beauty, war, and sex in Babylonian and Canaanite culture, as well as the Phoenician in ancient times, and it generally symbolizes the mother goddess who gave birth to life, and one of the most famous and important symbols used for her is the lion symbol

History of Tarout island 

Tarout island was once one of the Centers of the kingdom of Dilmun and it represented an important and great role in the history of this region, and this was about 5000 Years BC, and it was settled for a long period of time by humans, and they have also left behind a lot of artifacts since then, and this is rare in many other regions around the world 

Tarout island was also one of the vital places in terms of commercial activity in the Arabian Gulf region, where Mesopotamia depended heavily on it, as well as the rest of the coastal and existing areas and the eastern Arabian Peninsula, and the island also worked to consolidate its human and humanitarian relations with the areas around it to make a strong and Urban relationship between them 

Geography of Tarout island 

Tarout island is around 6 kilometers away on a transverse circle 26 degrees north of the coast of Kepus Bay in eastern Saudi Arabia.

The area of Tarout island

The area of Tarout island is large and about 32 square kilometers, and the population is about 77,757 people distributed over the different areas of the island, and this is according to the latest statistics taken in 2010 on Tarout island on 4 different categories of residents ( employees - merchants - farmers - fishermen), where there are huge companies with a lot of employees and some of the employees even moved from their places to the island to work there, such as Aramco, SABIC, the royal commission for Jubail and Yanbu, and Advanced Petrochemical. 

The Climate of Tarout island 

Tarout island's climate is very similar to that of most cities in the Arabian Gulf, which is very humid during the summer, from the beginning of May to September, when light winds blow, and then the weather is pleasant from September to May, when the temperature ranges from 18 to 22 degrees Celsius during the day and from 8 to 13 degrees Celsius at night.

The wildlife of Tarout island 

The nature of Tarout island contains a large and diverse number of trees, fish, and birds, but it has shrunk little by little with the urban development of the island, and this is the result of doing a lot of removal work for farms and burying the sea, but still, a part of the natural life retains its presence until now, and the island is famous for its many diverse birds' species, as Tarout island is one of the most important gateways for migratory birds.