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Wadi Leban Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge located on the southwestern side of Riyadh, central Saudi Arabia. It is one of the most important and largest suspension bridges in the world, as well as the first in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in terms of design, construction, building, and implementation.

The bridge was designed and implemented so that it is completely appropriate with the geographical nature of the environment and the place surrounding the suspension bridge, it was implemented while completely preserving the Valley and its nature without compromising the services and elements of the surrounding nature, it is one of the most important monuments in Riyadh

Wadi Leban Bridge is an important section of the western side of the Riyadh Ring Road, as well as a complement to it. It connects to the Jeddah Highway and moves traffic from the North Ring Road to the west and south of Riyadh.

When the bridge was designed, it relied on many intensive analytical studies, through which the engineers found out the extent of the impact of static and also moving loads, as well as wind and earthquake loads, to ensure that the design is tolerable and resistant to drag elements, as well as sufficient fluidity to resist wind.

Following that, the bridge was built in accordance with international and standard criteria, as well as to be totally suitable and ecologically friendly for the site where the bridge is being built, and modifications were made to movable cars to have a load of 65 tons and a speed of 33 M/s. It is expected that these modifications will be implemented over 50 years taking into account environmental factors such as earthquakes based on the coefficient of acceleration of gravity, which is (0.0005).

The construction Analyzer for moving and dynamic loads has been used by using triplex analysis with multiphase frequencies to measure the extent of the bridge endurance and the strength of its construction. 

Specifications of Wadi Leban Bridge

The bridge has been designed with a length of 763 meters and composed of 3 openings with an area of (179.405.179) meters in order, and it is designed to be 35 meters wide and composed of two directions separated by an island in the center with a width of 5.40 meters 

The bridge's body (bridge road) consists of a box camera 5m deep. The bridge columns consist of two columns one in the north at 72.5 m high and one in the south at 80.5 m high. The bridge tower is 90 m high.

The overall cost of the bridge project was around (098.175.091) Saudi riyals, and it took 6 years and 6 months to complete. It is one of the largest projects in the country of Saudi Arabia, having begun in 1993. This bridge is one-of-a-kind, and the method employed to support loads is completely different., it was designed by means of suspension cables from the middle of the bridge and not by its sides as is commonly known when building a suspension bridge and its construction method. In addition, the equipment and tools for the processing of suspension cables and tensile equipment for this project are specially designed for this bridge as well as the provision of special equipment such as the pre-cast bridge tile units weighing between 581 and 235 tons. Where the concrete used in the construction of the bridge is 47.500 tons, it is three times the normal arming weight of 5,900 tons and this suspended bridge is one of the most famous monuments of Riyadh