The Houses of Hatim Al-Tai

The Houses of Hatim Al-Tai

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We cannot speak of morality and generosity without recalling the name of Hatim Al-Tai, who lived in ancient times in the country of the two mountains, which are named after (Aja and Salma)

His house was well-known for his kindness and readiness to assist everyone who knocked on the door, as he always honored his guests. The house is located in the village of Tawarin, which is 65 kilometers northwest of Ha'il.

Because of its owner, Hatim Al-Tai, and the Tayy tribe, whose presence and residence are notable for this spot, the House of Hatim Al-Tai has now become one of the most important cultural landmarks. You can go to his grave and his son's grave, which are both near his house, as well as the location of the fireplace, which he used to manage at night to serve as a guide for visitors.

It is possible to see the place of the fire stove that Hatim Al-Tai had in his house. 

The house or palace of Hatim Al-Tai was known in the old days for the generosity of Hatim and the uninterrupted visits of guests to him, as he would light the stove at night so that visitors could easily reach his house, which not only fell short of his acquaintances and relatives, but he would also host all the passers-by. The house is located close to Al-Samra mountain, east of Ḥa'il city

Saudi Arabia has been seeking to restore, develop and preserve the house, as it is one of the most important symbols of generosity and hospitality, and one of the most important ancient historical monuments in the city of Ḥa'il, which many people want to visit, but it belongs to its owners and heirs from the Tayy tribe and family, as the age of this palace goes back more than 1500 years ago. 

When visiting Tuwarin archaeological area, you will find Hatim Al-Tai Palace, as well as several ancient palaces and their monuments. They were built from traditional materials at the time, such as clay and stone, and as a result of time and atmospheric factors, they were eroded and only ruins remained to tell the story of the old times.

Hatim Al-Tai Palace is located in Tuwarin Valley of Mount Aja, so when you visit this area, you will see the remains of Hatim Al-Tai palaces and houses and their splendor. 

The ancient city of Tuwarin is about 55 kilometers from the city of Ḥa'il 

When you visit the village, you will find it nestled between the valley's banks at the bottom of the mountain, northwest of Mount Aja. 

The most important thing that distinguishes this village is the kind biography of Hatim Al-Tai, whose name is the most important landmark of this village so far, as it sets an example among the Arabs to say when a man is generous (He is more generous than Hatim)

Also, the ruins of his houses are scattered in the village, so when you visit the ancient village, you will find ruins of his palaces remaining and scattered everywhere in the village, as well as ruins of an old fortress at the entrance of the village belonging to him. 

There are also ruins of a palace that was made of clay in the center of the village, and a cemetery nearby that contains two graves of excessive length, one is 9.5 meters long and the second is 7.25 meters long, and it is believed to be that one of them is his grave and the second one is his daughter's who is said to have realized Islam and became a Muslim.

One of the most important reasons for Al-Tai honoring his guests and keeping his palace open at all times was its location in Ha'il, which was once one of the most important passages for commercial caravans, especially during the time of a certain Kingdom like the Kingdom of the Nabataeans, strangers always passed through the road and sometimes they needed help, and Al-Tai would wait for them and help them in any way he could.

That is why Hatim Al-Tai has become one of the most important flags and symbols of Ḥa'il, and that is why people are organizing a meeting place under the name of Hatim Al-Tai Internationally to be a day to commemorate his good biography as writers and historians meet on this day. 

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