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The Masmak Palace was built using clay bricks, also known as milk bricks, and is located in Riyadh's city center. Because of the thickness and strength of its walls, the palace was once known as the Masmak Palace or Masmak Fortress (Masmak in Arabic means thick).

History of the Masmak Palace

Al-Masmak Palace was built in 1895 at the request and instruction of Prince Abdul Rahman bin Dabaan, who gained direct control of the emirate of Riyadh under the reign of Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Ali Al-Rashid.

Also, a special site was chosen to build the palace, so it was built to the northeast of the Old City of Riyadh, and this is close to the old wall as the site is currently in the Deira neighborhood. The Masmak Palace was one of the places that witnessed the Battle of the conquest of the city of Riyadh and its restoration by Abdul Aziz Al Saud to his family from the Rashid family, and this is in 1902. When you visit the Masmak Palace, you will find that there are traces of this battle that are still on the gates of the palace. 

The spear with which Amil bin Rashid killed Ibn Ajlan can be found at the original gate of the palace that witnessed the battle, and the gate still exists today, lasting from the time of the battle, and it has not been changed or removed as it is one of the most important antique archaeological buildings in Riyadh.

The palace currently contains a museum dedicated to containing everything related to the unification of the state of Saudi Arabia by Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud, the palace was named in the old days since its inception by the name of the Masmak Palace due to the thickness of its walls and its rigidity, as it is a high building and an impregnable fortress that is difficult to conquer. 

Al-Masmak Palace also had many uses in the past; it was used as a warehouse for storing weapons shortly after the fall of Riyadh in 1902, as it was under Saudi rule at the time, and it remained for a long time used for ammunition storage purposes until it was later turned into a museum to revive and preserve the ancient national historical heritage.

The Masmak Palace represents the most important historical stages that the Saudi state has passed through, the Riyadh Municipality has been working on a special study to restore the Masmak Palace in the Year 1400 Hijri and preserve the heritage of the kingdom. 

The Ministry of Knowledge, represented by the Assistant Agency for Antiquities and Museums, then adopted plans to convert the Masmak Palace into an archaeological museum with the support and supervision of Riyadh's higher authority for development.

Which is an important window through which the establishment of the State of Saudi Arabia by King Abdul Aziz is presented, and the Masmak museum was opened in 1995 under the patronage of King Salman bin Abdulaziz, who was the governor of the Riyadh region at that time. 

Uses of the Masmak Museum

The Masmak Palace was built with the intention of serving as a palace for Ibn Rashid in 1312, and this remained the primary purpose until it was taken by King Abdul Aziz when he reached Riyadh.

Then King Abdulaziz decided to turn the Masmak Palace into a warehouse for storing ammunition for two years, and later turned it into a prison, and then it was converted into one of the landmarks of Saudi Arabia to be a historical and Archaeological Museum in Riyadh. 

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