The National Museum

The National Museum

Riyadh Riyadh

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Opened in Riyadh in 1999 to celebrate the centenary of Saudi unification. The National Museum of Archeology and Folklore in Riyadh is one of the most famous museums in the Kingdom, and it mediates the King Abdulaziz Historical Center, which was established in Riyadh to serve as a cultural center and a civilized interface that highlights the bright history of the Arabian Peninsula and its historical message by carrying the banner of Islam and spreading its immortal message, and to be a platform to define the history of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its role and foundations. The museum consists of eight exhibition halls, divided according to the themes of the natural, human, cultural, political and religious development of the Arabian Peninsula, according to the museum display scenario, all the way to the development of Saudi Arabia in its three phases. The museum is distinguished by the fact that its treatment and interpretation of human history is derived from the established facts presented by Islam about the origin of man’s creation and his succession to the architecture of the earth.

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