The seven mosques

The seven mosques

Madina El Monawara Madina El Monawara

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The Seven Mosques, one of the most important landmarks visited by those coming to Medina, is a group of small mosques whose real number is six, not seven, but it is known by this name, due to the addition of some to the Mosque of the Two Qiblas within these mosques, because whoever visits it also visits that mosque on the same trip, so the number becomes seven These seven mosques are located on the western side of Jabal Sila at a portion of the trench site that Muslims dug in the era of the prophecy to defend Medina when the Quraish armies and the tribes allied with them crawled for a fifth year to migrate, and then the events of the Battle of the trench, also known as the Battle of Parties, occurred.

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