Saudi Human History

Saudi Human History

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From the fragrance of history and heritage to civilization and development, we enjoy a 7-day tour in the city of Jeddah to Tabuk, heritage and Alula with its history and Hail with its authenticity to the pulse of the Kingdom of Riyadh, where fun and exploration


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4 star

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Full Board

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Drinks and snacks
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Medical Insurance
Flight equipment and personal clothing.
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Days : (7)

day 1

Day description
  • .  Arrival , Pickup from Jeddah Airport 
  • .  Firstly , Enjoy lunch in a restaurant 
  • .  Move to Historical Area tour including Naseef house 
  • .  Drive to Alalawi traditional market which is the historical area 
  • .   Move to Open Jeddah Museum, Jeddah Fountain  
  • .  Then head to Altaybat city ( Abdulraouf Khalil Museum )
  • .  Have a Dinner in restaurant 
  • .  Drive to Hotel accommodation & Overnight 
  • 1

    Abdul Rauf Khalil Art Museum

    Abdul Raouf Khalil Museum The Abdul Raouf Khalil Museum is one of the most attractive museums and t...

  • 2

    Nasseef House

    Nasseef House is located in Jeddah and was created by Sheikh Omar. It is one of the most prominent h...

Day description
  • .  Morning Breakfast in the hotel accommodation
  • .  Head to Jeddah new corniche To visit Floating Mosque , Jeddah sign  
  •    ( Photo Stop )
  • .  Transfer to Jeddah Airport for fly to Tabuk 
  • .  Enjoy lunch in local restaurant 
  • .  Move To visit  Hejaz train station & Museum 
  • .  Then head to Tabuk castle, Prophet’s mosque
  • .  Have a Dinner in restaurant 
  • .  Drive to Hotel accommodation & Overnight 
  • 1


    It is located on the western part of the city of Jeddah overlooking the Red Sea coast and has a leng...

Day description
  • .  Morning , Breakfast in the hotel  
  • .  Arrive to Al Shag Area in Tabuk  ( About 80 KM )
  • .  Drive to Al Disah Valley (about 200 km) 
  • .  Arrive to the valley and Enjoy the spectacular scenery and nature  
  • .  Time to have a Lunch
  • .  Visit the remains of walls containing Nabataean and Arabic writings in Kufic script 
  • .  Move to have a Dinner in restaurant
  • .  Drive back to hotel accommodation & Overnight 
  • 1

    Disa Valley

    One of the sites of the city of Tabuk in Saudi Arabia, characterized by an abundance of water tables...

(Al-Ula / Madian Saleh)
Day description
  • .  Breakfast in the hotel accommodation  
  • .  Drive to  Alula  ( About 350 KM )
  • .  Time to have a Lunch Good Restaurant in Winter Park 
  • .  Then visit Madain Saleh
  • .  ( Alhijaz Railway , Qasr AlBint , Qasr AlFarid, Jabal Okmeh , Jabal Khraibeh  ) 
  • .  Drive to Hurat alouird to see The amazing view for al Ula city from the top of the highest Mountain.
  • .  Move to Visit Natural Rock formations (Elephant Rock)
  • .  Have a hot dinner at Camp accommodation & Overnight 
  • 1

    Madain Saleh

      Mada'in Saleh, or Al-Hijr City, is considered one of the most important archaeological sites...

Day description
  • .  Breakfast in the Camp accommodation 
  • .  Drive to  Hail ( About 380 KM )
  • .  Arrival then Heading to have lunch in restaurant
  • .  Drive to visit Qishla fortress   ,  A'arif fort 
  • .  Then move to visit  Popular market Hail ,  Jabal As Samra 
  • .  Have a Dinner in restaurant
  • .  Drive to Hotel accommodation & Overnight 
  • 1


    Al-Qishlah Palace is one of the ancient palaces that was created in 1941 AD under the reign of King...

Day description
  • .  Morning Breakfast in the hotel accommodation 
  • .  Drive to visit Jubbah
  • .  Drive Back to Hail & Heading to have a lunch in restaurant 
  • .  Transfer to the Hail Airport for your flight to Riyadh (Flight  14:00  /15:10)
  • .  Arrive and enjoy visit Masmak fortress  &  Al Dira Souk (old bazaar) 
  • .  Drive to kingdom tower to enjoy the view and here coffee break
  • .   in spazio( 77 floor ) 
  • .  Have Dinner in restaurant 
  • .  Drive back to the hotel accommodation & Overnight 
  • 1

    Dira Souq

    Dira Souq, also called Deerah Souq and Deerah Souk, is a market in Riyadh. It is a kind of bazaar or...

  • 2

    The Musmak Fort

    The Masmak Palace was built using clay bricks, also known as milk bricks, and is located in Riyadh's...

  • 3

    Kingdom Tower (Jeddah Tower)

    The Kingdom Tower is one of the most famous landmarks in Jeddah, and many people refer to it as the...

Day description
  • .  Morning Breakfast in the hotel accommodation 
  • .  Proceed for visit to historical city of Dir'iya and enjoy your visit for one hour  ( if open ) 
  • .  Transfer to Riyadh Airport for departure
  • .  End of services
  • 1

    (Ad Diriyah city) The old city of Dirriyyah

    Diriyah, one of Saudi Arabia's cities, is located in the province of Al-Yamama, south of the Najd pl...


  • This Package is subject to Saudi MT rules and regulations
  • This package is changeable upon request
  • The appropriate shoes and clothes must be worn according to the nature of the place being visited
  • Entry of Madain Saleh, Elephant Rock , Diriyah subject to instructions of the tourism authority any time
  • Kindly be informed that we are not holding any rooms so the above mentioned will be subject to availability at the time of actual booking and given rates may change  Please be informed that the above-mentioned rates are not valid during Official holidays such as Eid al-Adha, Eid al-Fitr, Spring, and New Year holidays
  • It is also possible that some of the attractions referred to in the program are not available at the time of implementation, so another option will be available to visit according to the instructions of the tour guide accompanying the group         
  • If you want to change any of the program’s attractions, please inform us 48 hours before the start of the trip  No change to the program is permitted during implementation except after the approval of the tour guide accompanying the group

7 Days

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